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uKnead Lavita Massage Chair vs Osaki OS-4000LS

uKnead Lavita Massage Chair vs Osaki OS-4000LS

The uKnead Lavita Massage Chair and the Osaki OS-4000LS Massage Chair have their fair share of similarities and differences. In this comparison we will cover the different aspects of each chair. We hope to make your massage chair buying experience as easy as possible.


Both chairs feature zero gravity, heat, body scanning, stretching options and body compressing airbag systems. They also both feature multiple levels of speed and intensity adjustment. Both chairs have features in the footrest to accommodate many different heights.

Massage Track

The Lavita features a 50” SL-Track that will still massage from your neck to your hips. An S-track follows the curvature of the human spine and then massages all the way down to upper thigh. With the Lavita you are benefiting from the best of both massage tracks. The uniform pressure is provided throughout the length of the track. The 4000LS features a 42” L-Track that is going to massage you from your neck to your upper thigh.

Automatic Programs

The Lavita offers 4 automatic programs:

○ Stress Relief ○ Stretch ○ All Air ○ Full Body

The 4000LS offers 6 programs:

○ Deep Tissue ○ Relax Mode ○ Full Air ○ Energy Stretch ○ Manual Air ○ Dual Action

No Assembly Required

The uKnead Lavita massage chair comes ready for you to enjoy straight out of the box. Simply remove the massage chair, plug it into a household outlet and power on. No screwdrivers, no assembly instructions, no headache. The Lavita brings you hassle-free relaxation in an instant!

Air Compression Massage

24 Airbags are used in the 4000LS to create a compression massage system all over the chair. Osaki has manage to decrease the amount of airbags in the massage chair, meanwhile making them larger, so that they cover more surface. The Lavita has 42 airbags that can be found in the shoulder, arms, hands, legs and feet. The numbers are not similar in the airbag count on these two chairs, but the size of the airbags is what plays a part. The total body coverage of each chair is fairly similar.

Color Options

The Osaki OS-4000LS comes in three color options of black, brown and cream. The Lavita comes in black or mocha. These are very neutral colors that can blend in with many of your decor choices in your home or office. Both chairs are going to give you a really good massage. The Lavita has a few more features than the 4000LS. In this comparison we focused on the features that are unique to the individual chair and similar between the two chairs.

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