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Osaki OS-4000 vs Osaki OS-3700

Osaki OS-4000 vs Osaki OS-3700

The OS-4000t and the OS-3700 from Osaki are both going to give you a good massage. This comparison will show you the differences between the two chairs. We hope to help make your decision easier.

The OS-4000t and the OS-3700 do have some similarities. Both have lumbar heating in the lower back of the chair. Both chairs come in a few different color options. Finally both chairs include body scan features.

The OS-4000t is a big chair visually, while the Osaki OS-3700 tends to lean more to a sleeker design style. The remote on the OS-3700 is a slim style with a lot of visual options on it. You can control almost every aspect of your massage from the slim remote. The remote on the OS-4000t is a pretty large piece attached to the side of the chair. A small wireless remote can be removed from the giant remote, but it doesn’t have as many features as the full remote.

The OS-3700 features an L-Track massage system. This will work all the way from your neck to your upper thighs. The OS-4000t features an S-Track system for your massage experience. This style will follow the curve of your spine from your next to your tailbone. You are going to get a full body massage from the OS-3700, while the OS-4000t does not include parts of your legs.

The OS-3700 has a feature that the OS-4000t does not have. The OS-3700 has moveable armrests. When the chair moves backwards to recline the armrest moves 4” too. This allows your arms to be included for the duration of the massage. The OS-4000t does not have this feature, so when the chair reclines, your arms will slip out of the armrest. This leaves out your arms from your massage experience when you are in any position other than upright.

The OS-4000t sits at a higher price point that the OS-3700. If you include the cheaper price with the extra features, the OS-3700 easily comes out as the best choice.

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