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What Can Financing Do For You?

What Can Financing Do For You?

Get Rewarded for Your Good Credit

When you’re making an investment in something like a massage chair, it pays to get the best possible option for your needs. You don’t want to be uncomfortable, leading to a possible return, and you don’t want to have it break down on you after a few years. In addition, you’ve probably saved up for this and you want the best you can afford.

Well, what if the best you could afford was a lot more?

That’s where financing can help you. This option allows you to make your purchase, pay on your schedule, and ensure that you got everything you needed and wanted without breaking your bank.

How’s that possible?

It’s possible when you use Synchrony Financing with 0% interest.

Using Zero Percent to Your Advantage

Synchrony offers an exclusive program where you pay 0% Interest for 36 Months on purchases of at least $2495.

What does that mean?

That means that when you pay 36 equal monthly payments and pay off the entire amount, you’ll pay zero interest on your purchase, so the same upfront amount, but you were able to pay for it as you go instead of in one big sum.

You can really use this to your advantage when you have most of the money in hand and want to complete your massage chair purchase with an upgrade to the best model. This way, you’ll be sure to pay off the balance in the 36 months, and you’ll be ensuring that you get the most relaxing experience possible without having to wait and try to save more, which doesn’t always work because as we all know “life happens.”

You deserve to have the perfect massage chair set up and financing options are designed to help. They do come with some stipulations, so let’s cover them now.

Rules of the Road

When you’re using financing, the qualifying purchase amount must be on one receipt. That means every item you want has to be on one ticket, which makes sense really. It would be very hard to finance two receipts for the same rate and time.

This type of financing is also on new, non-sale items. For example, if you’re looking at the open box model of a massage chair, you can’t use financing on that. The idea is that this is designed to help you take home a brand new item and getting a promotional discount on an older item is its own special purchase.

Additionally, the purchase APR is 29.99% with a minimum interest charge is $2 if you don’t complete the payments in the 36 months.

So, as you can see there are terms you need to be aware of. That doesn’t mean that financing is a bad idea, you just need to understand how it works and make sure that you make all the payments you need to. Plus, there’s no penalty if you pay it off early.

An Example

If you’re looking to purchase a new massage chair and you want a good deal, we suggest the Osaki OS-4000T. Now, you’ve decided you love that chair, you have a spot picked out, and you're ready to go. But what if you could pay as you go and not give up such a large chunk at once?

You can, and financing makes it easy. If you decided you wanted to go with the Osaki OS-4000T, that’s $2,495. Not bad, but if you finance it with Synchrony it’s only $70 a month for 36 months, and you aren’t going to pay more than that original amount because you’ll be paying 0% interest.

What’s more, if you saved up a bit for your new massage chair, you can put that money down and reduce your payment size or pay it off quicker. Or, you can keep it for other things you need to purchase.

That’s the beauty of financing.

Have a peek.

synchrony financing example

Same Mattress. Same Cost. No Early Pay-Off Penalties.

The Decision Is Yours.

What if I Have a Smaller Ticket?

If you have a smaller ticket item(s) and think you can pay of the balance in a shorter time, you can apply for 0% interest for 12 months.

For purchases of $299 or more, you can also receive the zero percent option, however, you must make the payments within the 12-month time frame. If you aren’t able to interest will be charged from the date of purchase.

This option holds the similar stipulations as mentioned with one big difference, the 0% for 12 months can be applied to price matched items, open box models, in-cart discounts, coupon codes, and Facebook offers.

This is where having good credit and understanding what you can afford each month can really help you. You can purchase an open box model of a fantastic massage chair, finance it for 12 months, and you’ll be good to go!

Massage chair, personal massagers, and zero gravity chairs are big investments, but they don’t have to wipe out all your savings at once. When you use it correctly and make sure you understand it, financing can help you to create a living room sanctuary where you can relax every evening.

Trust us, a peaceful moment to yourself is invaluable, and you’ll be so glad you took the time and made the commitment to make yours as enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions about financing, massage chairs, or anything else on our site, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to work with you, not against you. You can contact us over the phone or through email at

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