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What's New with the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

What's New with the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Panasonic is always looking for new ways to improve their massage chairs so that your experience when using them, is not only worth your money, but also helps you achieve the deepest levels of relaxation available to you. With every design change or feature addition, they listen to you and change their chairs based on your feedback and what you’re looking for.

Panasonic’s new EP-MA73 massage chair is no different. Designed as an improvement over the EP-MA70, this massage chair addresses a few issues that customers with their high-end massage chair.  Let’s examine some of the issues and what Panasonic did to enhance this chair to provide you a much better experience.

  • Problem: Given the nature of the massage rollers in the EP-MA70, with the ceramic heaters built right into the roller, so you would get the hot stone effect with your massage all across your back. Your lower body was neglected, leading to cold feet and legs when getting your massage. 
  • Solution: Panasonic redesigned the entire ottoman, to combat this issue and a few others. To solve this particular issue, heaters were included in the soles of the feet, so your new and improved foot massage has a nice warming effect to your feet.
  • Problem: Some customers that purchased the EP-MA70 felt the arm compression massage was too painful and would hurt when reclined due to the different position of your arms in the reclined position.
  • Solution: The armrests have been redesigned to be much more comfortable in the reclined position, and instead of offering a simple compression massage, the airbag system has been redesigned to offer a much milder kneading massage that is much more efficient at stimulating the muscles and helping the muscles in your arms relax.
  • Problem: The neck massage has been improved with a slight alteration of the program.
  • Solution: The roller focus has been narrowed by about 5mm to focus more on the muscles closer to the spine.

Let’s talk about what’s new in this massage chair as well; Panasonic has added several new features to redefine home luxury for you. From new stretch programs to refined body scanning, you are guaranteed a better, more relaxing massage without any issues at all.

  • New stretching programs have been added to give you a few more options that target key areas that often have tight muscles that cause pain, like the hip and waist area, the shoulder blades, legs, and neckline. The neckline massage is a newcomer to the stretch programs, utilizing clever use of the massage rollers are the airbags in the upper shoulder area the chair grabs your head and helps you stretch hard to reach muscles in your neck and upper shoulder area.
  • The leg rest has been redesigned with a bunch of new features and to be more lightweight than before. While 40% lighter than the EP-MA70 leg ottoman it still offers the rotating feature to hide the leg massagers when not in use, or not wanted as a part of your massage experience. The footrest has also been redesigned to include a mild massage roller that provides a kneading massage to the sole of the foot while loosening up muscles in the area with the new foot sole heat therapy feature.
  • The chair positioning and body scanning have been refined and improved to provide a more comfortable and personalized massage experience. The leg rest now matches the angle of recline of the backrest to provide a more comfortable experience when reclined in your massage chair.  The backrest scanning technology has been improved with optical and infrared scanners so the chair has an even better idea of your unique size and shape.

Overall these changes have been incorporated with your thoughts and concerns in mind to bring you a better massage experience that is more personalized to you to help you relieve fatigue and live a more relaxed and luxurious life. Always be sure to purchase a massage chair from an authorized dealer so you know exactly what you are getting.

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