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Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair Remote

Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair Remote

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Visit here for more Massage Chairs.

Apex Regent Massage Chair

The Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair has taken an interesting approach to the remote aspect of the chair. The traditional remote still exists and can be found attached to the side of the chair. The main remote allows you to control every aspect of your massage experience.

There is an additional remote flush mounted on both sides of the Apex Regent at the end of the arm massagers. The buttons allow you to control the music volume, recline angle, and the back massage roller position. These are key features that often need slight adjustment during your massage. Now you will not have ton interrupt your massage by pulling your entire arm out of the armrest. There is also a safe spot to keep your phone, that you can plug into your chair. Now  your favorite music can play throughout your massage.

Apex REgent Remote Detail

That is not the only original feature that the Apex AP-Pro Regent utilizes. They have also included a blanket that you can use to enhance your massage experience. This is another feature that you will not find in many other massage chairs. Apex has really taken the time to think outside of the box, in order to give you the best massage possible.

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