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Why You Should Get White Glove Delivery on Your Massage Chair

Save Your Back With a Bit of Help

Have you received a delivery of a product you ordered, likely furniture, where a giant semi-truck was required? It can certainly be imposing and it’s also quite common with large and heavy items.

Did you know that most massage chairs weigh over 200 lbs and require a pallet jack just to get them off of the truck? Yes, massage chairs are quite heavy and that semi is definitely required to get the chair to its final home safely. All this is part of the reason why MassageChairPlanet.Com strongly believes in White Glove Delivery, or In-Home Setup, for our customers.

We want you to have all the help you need to successfully and safely get your new chair into your home, especially if you are someone who can lift heavy items normally or need the chair as a part of your at-home medical regimen.

How are you supposed to carry a huge box, bigger than yourself possible, all the way inside your garage or front door, let alone upstairs or through doors? It’s way too much for just one person to handle and if you don’t have help or even if you simply don’t want to risk lifting it incorrectly or injuring yourself or another, White Glove Delivery is the best option.

Think of it like this, while we've had clients call and request a delivery change from curbside to White Glove, we have never seen it the other way around. 

Even the strongest and most athletic clients quickly realize what a task it can be to take delivery on a back-breakingly heavy product that needs to be moved through several doors and around corners. Let our White Glove Delivery Team bring your massage chair into a room of your choice, assemble it, and remove all the leftover debris like pallets and packaging from your home.

Assembly? Did I Hear That Right?

You did. That’s the other amazing benefit of White Glove Delivery. You’ll also receive the help required to assemble the chair and get all the trash out of your home. We use the same White Glove Delivery Professionals time and again, so they have experience putting together these often complex chairs and will be able to make sure that it is done correctly and even run it before they leave to ensure it’s working properly.

These professionals are also typically familiar with how much space the chair will need and help guide you on the best placement. They’ll be sure to clean up after themselves as well so that you don’t have to worry about filling up your recycling bin with a bunch of leftover boxes and plastic packaging.

How Will White Glove Delivery Work?

When you do not have help available to move the boxes and items around your home, you can opt for White Glove Delivery. This service is such a big help as you can see, and best of all it is available for no charge on several of our top-brand massage chairs.

Your massage chair will be delivered in a heavy, factory-sealed box and will not be easy for one person to move around. Thanks to the White Glove Service, you won’t have to worry. A team of professionals will help deliver your brand-new chair and get it all ready for you to use in the room you select. Heavy lifting, set-up of the massage chair, and clean up are all done for you.

The White Glove Delivery company will call you to arrange a delivery time. You’ll pick a time window for your delivery time, usually 2-4 hours, and then a two-person furniture installation team will deliver, unpack, and assemble your new massage chair and do a test run to ensure things are working as intended. 

When they leave, you’ll be all set to enjoy your new chair. Ultimate relaxation is essential to us here at MassageChairPlanet.Com, and we believe that should apply to the delivery as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming delivery or you want to be sure what you’re getting when you choose White Glove, you can check out our Delivery page here or contact us over the phone or through email at For a look at a satisfied customer who enjoyed their White Glove Delivery, see the video below!