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uKnead Lavita Calf Massage Rollers

Many massage chairs make a huge point to focus on the shoulders and lower back. That makes a lot of sense considering that most people carry stress in their shoulders, and the way you stand can affect your lower back. Some chairs will venture down to the calves and feet, but it often feels like it seems to be an afterthought.
With the Lavita massage chair from uKnead they are going to focus on your body from head to toe. Many message chairs require that you place your feet on top of the footrest. The footrest on the Lativa incases the foot creating a feeling of complete immersion. A sensation is then created that your whole body is enveloped by the massage chair.
Phenomenally invigorating shiatsu massage rollers have been placed strategically at the calf & soles of the footrest. The rollers embrace and stimulate reflexology zones in the feet, while a kneading massage occurs in the calves. Once the program is activated the foot massagers rotate clockwise and counterclockwise creating an amazing acupressure massage. Simultaneously the calves are feeling a sensation that mimics grabbing and stroking motions by real human hands while smoothing air compression also occurs. The result is pure rejuvenation of both your calves and your feet.
Lativa does not skimp on the other areas of the chair either. Uknead has literally taken each massage point and focused on how it will benefit your body the most. They have just enhanced it a step further and gone all the way down to the bottom of your feet. Doing this shows an understanding that you can’t start a new day off right if you are only relaxed from your shoulders to your knees.
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