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Osaki OS-3D Cyber Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-3D Cyber Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued! Visit here for Osaki Massage Chairs.


The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber massage chair is one of the newest models. Featuring enhanced 3D technology and many of the best high-end features all wrapped up in beautiful modern design. This is another first-hand account with this particular massage chair so you have a much better idea as to what you are getting for your money, and whether or not the Osaki Cyber massage chair is for you!


This massage chair is a perfect example of modern design. Available in four colors, three of which are Osaki standards, cream, brown, and black, the fourth color is unique to the Osaki Cyber. A beautiful burgundy red! Don’t let the photos online fool you, this chair is more of a burgundy color which very eye-catching. The one we have here was the brown; it’s by far the most popular color of massage chairs we sell.

As you may have read in several of our other massage chair reviews, I am no small person. I’m 6’2” and 280 lbs. This is important to keep in mind because it puts me on the higher end of the acceptable height/weight limit, so if you are smaller you may have a completely different experience with any of the chairs we carry than I have. The Osaki Cyber massage chair is very comfortable, a little tight in the shoulder area for me in the upright position, but once reclined I was quite comfortable.

When you first sit down…

This massage chair has a lot more preprogrammed options than many of the other massage chairs Osaki offers. I chose “Energy” today and relaxed into the chair for my massage. Like all the other Osaki massage chairs, it started by scanning my back and mapping out exactly where I was in the chair. “Energy” Ended up feeling like a combination of deep tissue massage and kneading which was incredibly relaxing.

Enhanced 3D technology

The 3D massage roller technology on this massage chair is a bit more enhanced than what you will find on other massage chairs in the OS-3D Pro series. Instead of the standard 3 levels of adjustment, the Cyber offers 5 levels of 3D adjustment. This allows you a little more personalization over the protrusion of the massage heads so your massage can be a strong or light as you prefer. I put the chair to the test and set the 3D massage all the way up, which was a very strong massage, but was perfect for my tastes.

Zero Gravity and Lighting

Reclining into the zero gravity position at first is kind of scary, you get that scared feeling that it's just going to recline you so far back that you fall out of the chair, but it stops when your legs are above your heart and makes your back massage even more vigorous! Zero gravity is by far one of my favorite features on Osaki Massage Chairs.

The Chromatherapy lighting is nice too. I like to keep our massage chair showroom dark while I’m testing the chairs, so I get the full effect of this feature. The room glows a soft blue hue which is really relaxing and is a wonderful contribution to the overall massage experience delivered by the Osaki Cyber massage chair.

The end of the massage

Like all other Osaki massage chairs when the program ended the chair reclined back up and pushed me forward a little bit so I didn’t have to struggle to get out of the massage chair. It’s a convenient feature especially after letting all muscle tension melt away for at least 15 minutes. Overall this massage chair delivers a very nice massage experience.

Important note on shipping…

Many people don’t realize that massage chairs weigh several hundred pounds and come in several large boxes that sometimes are difficult to fit through doors. Check the shipping dimensions located on the “Specifications” tab to see if your massage chair will fit through your doors, and within the space that you want it to go.

Given the size of the massage chair boxes it is recommended that you have help in moving the boxes and assembling the massage chair. If help is not available to you, we highly recommend the White Glove delivery service. For a small fee an assembly crew will bring the massage chair into the room of your choice, put it together for you, and have you test it to ensure everything works before they leave. This takes an extra 2 days to set up, but makes the whole process a little easier on you.

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