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Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued! Visit here for more Infinity Branded Massage Chairs!


The Infinity Iyashi massage chair is by far one of my favorite chairs to talk about. One of the most popular massage chairs in Asia has quickly made its way over to the USA in 2013 and has been a best-selling model ever since.

Infinite Therapeutics is the company that provided the brains behind this chair. Their smaller more focused collection of chairs allows them to excel. You get to choose from a selection of vastly different chairs that suit a variety of different needs.

Basic Overview

The Iyashi earned a nickname when it was released.“The New World of Massage”. As the New world of massage everything about this chair is designed to create an ambiance of your own little world of relaxation. Everything about this chair caters to the user from head to toe and is designed to fit within your life instead of standing out in your living room or where ever you have it set up. Let’s get into the details a bit more so you can see for yourself.

Infinity Iyashi Feature #1: Bluetooth Technology and Mobile Apps

Bluetooth connectivity is available in this chair. You can connect your phone or other mobile device and use it as a remote to wirelessly control the chair via its Android and iOS apps. Now you are able to control everything about the chair from your phone. Incorporating music into your massage is now an option through the Bluetooth connectivity. You can turn your massage entire and immersive experience that relaxes your mind and your body. The mobile app is extremely easy to use on both platforms while some aesthetic difference exists in the layout, both versions are equally intuitive.

Infinity Iyashi Feature #2: Longest Massage Track at 49”

This is an important feature, because there are only a few massage chairs that offer a kneading massage in the hip and upper thigh area, and the Iyashi is one of them. The intelligent roller system of this massage chair extends its track all the way down to your legs so that you receive a massage that is specific to your body type.

Infinity Iyashi Feature #3: Space Saving Technology

This is ideal for those looking to place the chair in a home where space might be limited, or if you have a smaller spot picked out for your massage chair. The space saving technology allows the chair to slide forward as it reclines back, requiring only 3 inches behind it to fully recline. You can have your massage chair in your living room or any other relatively tight space and not have to worry about it hogging all of the available space while someone is receiving a massage!

Infinity Iyashi Feature #4: Specials

The Iyashi always has a special pricing going on year round. The price of this chair is already impressive when you compare it to other models with similar features. If you head on over to the product page you can find out about the current specials that are available.

Infinity Iyashi Feature #5: Many Color Choices

The Iyashi is available in five colors. The color combinations in this collection are some that you will not find on many other chairs. The varying colors allow the chairs to fit in with almost any decorating choices you may already have made, or plan to in the future. The versatile chair can fit in almost anywhere in your house from your office, to your living room or even your bedroom.

Shipping Information

Massage chairs require assembly, which is something that most people don’t realize that when they are purchasing a chair. They also don’t know that each chair comes in several boxes that weigh in excess of 200 lbs. We recommend enlisting help to get the boxes in your house, and to assemble the massage chair. If help is not available to you, we do offer a white glove delivery service for a small fee.

White glove delivery service ensures that your chair will be delivered by an assembly crew and put together in the room of your choice. They will even have you test it before they leave to ensure that everything is in working order before they bid your farewell. They will even take all of the packaging and trash with them if you don’t want to keep it (Original packaging IS required for returns for any reason).

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