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Infinity Altera Massage Chair Review

Infinity Altera Massage Chair Review

Please note, this chair has been discontinued. You can see other Infinity massage chairs here.

The Infinity Altera is a massage chair that has everybody in mind. Many massage chairs focus on a body shape that is of a larger size. This results in smaller frames missing out on some of the benefits. The Altera massage chair is designed to work for someone of a larger size or smaller frame.

Redesigned Airbags

The airbags on the Altera massage chair have been redesigned to work with smaller frames. Normally when someone small gets in a massage chair, their shoulders will miss out on the majority of the massage, since the airbags focus on areas the quad roller L-track can not reach. The chair has been designed to accommodate users from heights of 4”6’ to 6”2’.
Adjustable Legrest

Another problem that shorter users tend to run into, is that the feet do not reach the bottom of the footrest. With the Altera, the leg rest is extendable, which allows the bottom to push all the way up against your feet, no matter your height. Now you can have the full experience of the rolling massagers that will focus on the soles of your feet.

Bluetooth Capability

The Altera is packed with many other features that you are going to love. The chair includes Bluetooth capability that allows you to easily connect to your wireless device and play music through the chair’s headrest speakers. The synchronic mode will then analyzes the music playing and synchronizes the movements of the massage roller to the beat. A fully immersive experience will be created with this feature.

Additional Features

Standard Infinity features are present on the Altera as well. You can enjoy the Spinal correction and waist twist, that will get you loose and limber for your massage. Heating in the lumbar is going to enhance any setting that you decide to use. Finally, the space-saving technology will allow you to place the chair exactly where you want it in your home.

If you have ever had the experience of sitting in a massage chair and slightly missing out on some of the features, then the Altera is for you. The Altera covers such a broad spectrum of users that everyone is going to love this massage chair.

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