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Infinity Iyashi vs Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer

Infinity Iyashi vs Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer

Massage chairs are designed to promote comfort and relaxation while many of the newer high-end models are produced to help your health and wellbeing. Both the Osaki Dreamer and the Infinity Iyashi massage chairs developers took this into consideration when they implemented their technologies into these pieces. Infinity Therapeutics does take it a step further in their massage chairs offering inversion therapy in all their models.

With this in mind, we compared both the Iyashi and Dreamer massage chairs, so you have more knowledge of what these offer, and you will make a wise decision in your pursuit of the right massage chair.


You will notice right away that these two massage chairs have different looks, even though their designs seem similar. The corners in the Iyashi are sharp and boxy while the Dreamer offers rounded corners for a softer look. Both of these massage chairs use synthetic leather for your comfort. The Iyashi massage chair has a more airy and open feel at the top of the chair, the Dreamer offers a hood-shaped top with built-in speakers to better encompass the music you can play from your device. The Infinity massage chair offers high-quality speakers as well, with those located right above the shoulder massage pads. The ottoman in the Dreamer is standard issue, but the Iyashi has an ottoman you either have to have great balance to step in, or you must spread your legs apart to sit in the chair, and then lift your feet to place them into the ottoman. There is a remote control attached to the Osaki Dreamer massage chair while the Iyashi allows you to connect to your own smartphone with Bluetooth technology.

Both of these massage chair models are offered in several colors, the Dreamer comes in black, brown, charcoal, and cream colors. The Infinity has 5, two-tone color schemes, white & black, white & caramel, white & berry red, black & caramel, and all black.

Finally, the Osaki Dreamer has Chromatherapy lights on the side of the chair, near the back end, to grant a beautiful light blue light in a dark or dim lit room.



Two-Stage Zero Gravity Technology: Taking the discovery of zero gravity, from NASA engineers, and implementing it into massage chairs both the Iyashi and Dreamer offers the two-stage zero-gravity technology. How it works is, you recline in the massage chair to a position where your legs are level to your heart. This helps to decompress your back and allow you to rest easier in the massage chair. With your body weight resting against the backrest of the massage chair, the massage rollers have a better opportunity to work deeply into your body's tissue.

The second stage of zero gravity allows you to lay in a further reclined position where all your body weight will rest against the back of the massage chair making for an even stronger massage and decompression of your joints and muscles.

Body Scanning Technology: Both the Infinity and Osaki massage chairs provide body scanning systems that will ensure a marvelous experience in the massage chair, which is better suited for you. This personalization comes because the massage chair back rollers will slide up your back to map out the natural curves of your body.

Heat Therapy: In both of these massage chairs, you will receive a lower back heat therapy session. There are two large heating pads placed in the lumbar region of the chair that exude heat that will help to loosen up a stiff back and the joints in your hips.

Full Compression Massage: The Iyashi and Dreamer provide strong air compression massages that will work throughout your entire body as you sit in the massage chair. The airbags in each chair allow for a wonderful neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs, calves, and foot massage. When you combine the use of the massage foot rollers in the ottoman and the backrest massage rollers your body will receive a complete full body massage encounter.

There is one minor difference in the airbag massage technique, the Iyashi uses 38 airbags and the Dreamer offers 48 airbags, but both strategically place these airbags throughout the entire chair.

Reflexology Foot Massage: There are foot massage rollers located in the soles of both massage chairs' ottomans. The reflexology massage you receive directly to your feet helps to alleviate the pain and stiffness in your feet, as well as throughout your entire body because the acupressure points in your feet are stimulated.


L-Track Back Massage Rollers vs. S-Track Back Massage Rollers

The major difference between these two massage chairs is in the back massage roller technology.

Infinity L-Track Technology

In the Infinity Iyashi massage chair, you are provided with the L-track backrest massage rollers. The L-track allows you to receive a longer massage that stretches from the top of your shoulders, giving you the specified, Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage, that works your neck and upper shoulders, down to your upper thighs, that's because this chair boasts a 49" massage stroke. Combine the back roller stroke length, with the air compression massage, and the zero gravity feature, you truly receive the inversion therapy the designers want you to experience with this massage chair. The L-track system provides the user with a soothing decompression of their back, as the massage chair can separate the joints in your spine, to individually care for each vertebra. The innovative Spinal Correction offered in this massage chair, uses the back roller, hip airbags, and shoulder airbags, specifically to twist and stretch your back. The aches and pains suffered from a hard day of work, will loosen right up, and your joints will get the soothing relief they desperately need.

Osaki S-Track Technology

The Osaki Dreamer features an S-track massage roller built-in with a 31" stroke length. The unique design of this track allows more pressure to be placed on your entire back, all the way up to your shoulders. The quad-style massage roller design, Osaki added to the Dreamer, mimics the human hands for a more realistic massage experience. Combine these two functions with the 3D technology in the Dreamer, you will experience an amazing deep tissue massage. The 3D technology works where the massage roller heads are able to protrude off the track by about 3". This allows the massage rollers to work deeper into your back. The ability of this system is now the deeper back tissue in your body can be reached thoroughly, even more than before. A Waist Squeeze massage is provided by the Dreamer which helps your hips as well as pushing your back further into the backrest of the chair in zero gravity to improve on the lower back massage session.

One other noteworthy massage technique offered by the Dreamer is the Auto Timer. If you are going to get in the chair after a long day, the chair has a safety precaution, where you can set the chair to work for only 5-15 minutes of time, and it will automatically turn off, protecting you from injury in case you fall asleep.

Functional Control & Entertainment

Both of these massage chairs offer technological advances in the art of entertaining you while you are relaxing in their massage chairs. The Dreamer includes a 3.5mm jack to plug in your MP3 Player with the remote control. You are able to play your favorite songs through the high-quality speaker system built into the hood of the chair. Another cool part to this is the music synch massage mode. When you activate this through your easy to use remote two large vibration plates in the seat of the massage chair deliver a vibration massage to your hips, back, and seat. It will be like you're dancing in the clouds while you are in the zero gravity position. The remote that is attached to the chair is very functional as you will be able to access any massage already pre-programmed into the control unit, or you'll have total control to adjust whatever massage session you are in. The LCD display makes it easy to understand where the massage chair is during the massage session.

The Infinity Iyashi allows you to use your own personal electronic devices with their chair. With the Bluetooth function, you can connect your smartphone to the massage chair and control all the aspects of your massage while still texting your best friend about the comforts of getting the massage chair. Added with this, you will need to download the iOS and Android App, so you can personalize your massage to what you love best. The app offers you total control of the massage mode and of course, you can let the music play from your favorite playlist.

In Conclusion

Both the Iyashi and Dreamer have great functionality, what sets them apart is the system's they implement. When it comes to the massage tracks, if you want a stronger and deeper massage with the S-track technology allowing the massage roller heads to protrude deeply into your back with the Dreamer, or do you like the inversion therapy concept where the Iyashi can individually separate your vertebra to produce their massage expertise.

Price isn't going to matter, both massage chairs are $5295 after you receive the discounts offered by

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