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Infinity Iyashi vs Apex AP-Pro Lotus

Infinity Iyashi vs Apex AP-Pro Lotus

The Infinity Iyashi massage chair and the Apex AP-Pro Lotus massage chair are both impressive to visually and mechanically. These chairs sit at a slightly higher price point than what you can find in other chairs, but they have the features to back up the price. Let’s find out if these chairs are similar or completely different.


There are a few things on these chairs that are extremely similar. Both chairs have foot rollers and body scanning technology. Zero gravity positioning is available in both chairs. This will put your body in a position that places your legs above your heart. The weight of your body will then rest on the back of the chair, releasing pressure from your joints. Finally, both of these chairs have the option to play music during your massage. Adding music to your massage will create the ultimate immersive experience.

Height and Size

These are two relatively big chairs size wise. The suggested user height range goes from 5”1’ on the Lotus and peaks at 6”4’. The Iyashi goes from 5”0’ up to 6”. It is very important that a massage chair fits your body size. If you are too small or too large for the chair you will miss out on many aspect of the massage experience, especially the airbag system. The roller width can be adjusted on both chairs, which can help compensate for a variety of users size.

Massage Track

The massage track on these two chairs is completely different. The Lotus has a 32” S-Track. The S-track style goes from your neck to your lower back. The Iyashi features a 49” L-track. An L-track massage goes from your neck all the way down to your upper thigh. An L-track massage can feel a little deeper since it is going lower onto your body. In actually the Lotus is going to give you a deeper massage, because it features a 3D roller type. The Lotus only utilizes a 2D roller. While the massage track on these two chairs is completely different, you are going strong massage from both of them.


The remotes on the two chairs are pretty standard in appearance. The both have screens that take up around a quarter of the rectangular shape. The Lotus has a panel that flips up, giving you access to even more controls. Multi-color screens allow you to visually see what is going on with your massage and the areas that the chair can address


Apex AP-Pro Lotus Programs

○ Comfort ○ Full Air ○ Waist Stretch ○ Demo ○ Ache Relief ○ Fatigue Recovery ○Relieve Stress 

Infinity Iyashi Programs

Recovery Extend Relax Refresh Upper Massage Lower Massage


The chairs both come in a variety of colors. The Iyashi has four different colors to choose from, with most of them taking on a two-tone color scheme. The lotus has three colors to choose from that remain pretty neutral. Overall, the color options will most likely blend into your décor options pretty easily.


Airbags are present in both of the chairs with the Iyashi having a total airbag count of 38, which is ten more than what you will find in the Lotus. Don’t get caught up in the numbers though, it is more important to focus on the size of the airbags and the areas that they cover. Diagrams can be found on each of the product pages, showing what areas are covered. Looking at the specific diagrams will help you determine if the airbag locations will benefit you personally.

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