Infinity Altera vs Infinity Iyashi

We maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments. Our main goal with this comparison is to educate the consumer and present the pros and cons of each massage chair to allow them to make the best purchase decision.

*Please note that the Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair has been discontinued! Visit here for more Massage Chairs!


The Infinity Altera massage chair and the Infinity Iyashi are both fantastic massage chairs. There are a few difference that will attract the attention of complete opposite type of massage chair users.

When you first sit in the Iyashi massage chair you will feel the massive size of the chair. This is by no means a negative aspect of the chair. This is a big chair that is going to give you a big massage. This is where the difference in chairs first makes an appearance. The Altera will feel like a big chair, but also fit around a smaller frame. The chair is designed for users from 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. The airbag system in the Altera is going to accommodate a smaller frame, while the airbags in the Iyashi will not be able to reach the shoulder height of someone that is 4 feet 6 inches.

When you put the chairs side-by-side you can see quite a difference between the two. The Iyashi comes in a variety of two-tone color options, while the Altera just comes in black or brown. Size wise the Iyashi averages about 2” bigger than the Altera on most sides. Space saving is present on both chairs. This means that when the chair reclines the base of the chair moves, rather than the chair just dragging down a wall.

Many of the other features of the chairs are present on both chairs. The Iyashi does have an app that works with the chair, chromatherapy lighting and some other slight differences. Although, the Iyashi is sitting at a higher price point than the Altera, so you will be paying for those differences. At the end of the day your body size can easily determine which of these two chairs would be better for you.