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Ogawa Active L 3D Massage Chair

by Ogawa
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Ogawa Active L 3D Massage Chair

Introducing the all-new Ogawa Active L 3D massage chair. Featuring the SL massage track, your body is cradled as each muscle along the spine is cared for with 3D Quad Rollers. Kneading out tight neck and shoulder muscles, stretching and elongating the spine, soothing and relaxing the bottoms of the feet, the Active L 3D will promote total body wellness.

    • 3D Humanistic Massage Mechanism
    • L-Curve Technology
    • 12 Automatic Massage Programs+Manual massage+3 Custom
    • 6 Relaxing Back Massage Techniques
    • Adjustable Speed and Intensity
    • Foot Rollers
    • Lumbar Heat Therapy
    • Quick Auto body scanning
    • Full Body Air Massage / Arm Massage/Lumbar Massage
    • Shoulder Massage / Foot and Calf Massage
    • Arms and Hands
    • 38 Airbags / 3 Air intensity Levels
    • Zero Wall Recline / Space-Saving
    • Distance from wall: 6”
    • Spring Leg Length
    • Wired Touchscreen Tablet
    • Advance Bluetooth Speaker



The Active L 3D has a specially contoured extended roller track to allow the massage rollers to travel from the back of the head and neck, all the way down under the gluteus muscles and into the upper thigh. This is not your standard L track, with the upper portion of the track shaped just like your spine and smoothly transitioning under the buttocks for relaxation and pain relief.

3D Roller

The Quad Rollers of the Active L 3D offers you 5 levels of depth to your massage allowing a light massage or a truly deep massage. The perfect massage is a touch away with 5 strength levels and 5-speed adjustments. There are 3 width adjustments for the position of the roller along the spine.

Foot Rollers

Kick off your shoes and get ready to leave the troubles of your day behind you. Soothing Acupressure Foot Rollers provide kneading to all of the right places, releasing tension and renewing your soles. Full coverage of the foot is achieved with multiple spinning roller tracks and aided by gentle air compression.

Touch Screen Tablet

The new tablet-style Touch Screen Tablet Remote allows you to easily find and select from your 12 massage programs. Do you have a trouble area? Create your own targeted massage with ease. A digital map of your body is provided on screen so that you can see right where the rollers are lined up with your body. Choose a spot or partial massage, pick a massage style, add heat, turn on or off your foot rollers, Zero Gravity, it can all be done with one touch.

12 Pre-Programmed Massages

The Active L 3D features 12 massage programs expertly designed to combine a variety of massage styles strategically to meet your needs.

  • Stretch

    The Stretch program employs various stretching motions to increase flexibility and reduce muscle strain.

  • Thai

    Thai Massage is known for deep stretching. This program incorporates ancient Thai massage techniques to stretch the back, legs, and full body decompression.

  • Spinal Care

    This program emulates the experience you'd have with a chiropractor, aiding in stretching the muscles around the neck and spine, elongating the spine, and improving posture.

  • Vigorous

    The Vigorous program applies pressure and rhythmic massage to stretch sore muscles and promote blood flow to aid in recovery from exercise.

  • Japanese

    Japanese massage techniques help in stretching the upper back, shoulders, and neck, with strong pressure and soothing acupressure style also known as Shiatsu or "finger pressure".

Air Compression Technology

38 Multi-layered air cells apply gentle pressure in a wave-like motion, increasing circulation for healing and rapid muscle recovery. Covering every region with 3 levels of intensity: Shoulders, Arms, Lumbar, as well as Calves and Legs.

  • Massage Techniques

    Enjoy various combinations of massage styles in the Pre-Programmed massages or choose your favorite from Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, Clapping, Tapping, Rolling, or Dual Action.

  • Bluetooth Speakers

    Taking your massage experience to the next level is the high-quality speakers in the headrest. Play your own music, meditation, or even podcast from any compatible smartphone or device.

  • Body Scan Technology

    Each time you sit down, your massage chair gets to know you with a quick body scan. Locating your body's position, digitally mapping your size, and providing the data back to the chair ensures precise placement of the rollers for an unbeatable experience.

2-Stage Zero Gravity Recline

Gradually elevating your knees above the heart takes the pressure off of the lower spine, increases circulation, and reduces blood pressure. The weightless feeling of the Zero Gravity recline aids in relaxation while placing extra pressure back onto the rollers for a deeper massage experience.

  • Heat Therapy

    Soothing heat targets the lumbar area gently relaxing tight muscles and relieving pain. This helps restore healthy circulation throughout the body and prepares the muscles for a deeper massage.

  • Quiet Technology

    The Active L 3D Massage chair utilizes patented spring suspension technology which makes the air pump whisper quiet. Perfect to help keep the noise down so that you can fully relax.

  • Space-Saving

    Using minimal space in the room, the Active L 3D rotates away from the wall, requiring less than 6 inches behind the chair.

Designed in California

Los Angeles is celebrated as a global leader in design and has a rich history in product design. Ogawa designers take a lot of pride in using the best aesthetics and best materials when designing their massage chairs.