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Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair

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Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair

Change the way you experience wellness with the Human Touch® Super Novo 2.0, which offers a captivating design and delivers an advanced 3D massage along the entire length of your spine and all the way down to your thighs.

Human Touch Super Novo 2 title

Choose from Meditation programs that combine a soothing soundtrack with your massage, helping you to focus your breathing and achieve a relaxed state of being. Or try the Yoga Studio program, which uses deep stretching and pressure to loosen and relieve pain from tight muscles. The downloadable Human Touch App also allows you to control the chair, indulge in immersive meditation audio, and a range of other features from your Android or iOS device.

The Super Novo 2.0 also comes with a softening pad for optional use. If you prefer a more intense massage pressure, you can easily unzip and detach the pad for a deeper massage. This adds another layer of customization so that you can create your perfect massage experience.

    • Unique S- and L-Track System
    • Extending Foot and Calf Massager with Heat
    • 3D and 4D Massage Programs
    • 38 Auto-Wellness Programs
    • Intellitrack Massage Technology
    • Full-Body Stretch Functionality
    • Rapid Acupoint® Body Sensing
    • Multiple Memory Settings
    • Advanced Fingertip Controls
    • Dual-Lumbar Heat
    • Optional massage intensity-softening pad


Human Touch Super Novo 2 massage mech


While 2D massage programs massage vertically and horizontally, and 3D programs add depth, 4D programs take massage one step further to include the dimension of variable speed. Massage strokes speed up and slow down mid-stroke, just like the hands of a professional massage therapist, for the most realistic massage yet!

Human Touch Super Novo 2 side controller


Easily manage the chair’s key functions at your fingertips using the convenient control panel.

  • Power On
  • Start the Default Auto Program
  • Adjust Recline Position
  • Heat On/Off
  • Volume Control
  • Restore the Chair to Full Upright Position
Human Touch Super Novo 2 body scanning

Acupoint® Body Sensing

The Super Novo 2.0 rapidly detects your shoulder height to map your massage for maximum effectiveness. Manual selection option also available.

Human Touch Super Novo 2 s-l track diagram

S- and L-Track System

Designed to move with the natural curves of the body, the L-Track extends high-performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your glutes, while the S-Track closely follows the curvature of the spine.

Human Touch Super Novo 2 JBL speakers

JBL Speakers

Enjoy premium sound for music, eBooks, and more. This truly immersive massage experience places peak relaxation mode at the touch of a button.

  • Intellitrack Massage Technology

    Five intensity settings with a variable 3D massage experience that detects each individual’s unique curvature of the spine, providing a truly personalized massage with just the right pressure.

  • Space-Saving Design

    Only 2” of rear wall clearance is required in order to pivot seamlessly from the upright to reclined position.

  • Extending and Heated Knee, Calf, and Foot Massager

    With under foot rollers and adjustable intensity for calves and feet, the heated extendable leg rest automatically adjusts for your height. The calf massage area also extends up to the knee area to soothe muscles throughout your legs.

  • Full-Body Stretch

    The Sumper Novo 2’s expansive “bend and stretch” functionality provides unprecedented leg and spine relief, increasing blood flow to the vertebrae and discs and rejuvenating the lower back, allowing you to recover with greater efficiency.

  • USB and Wireless Charging

    Conveniently charge your device using the built-in USB port or wirelessly charge your compatible phone to truly unplug without the fuss.

  • Battery Backup

    Battery safety feature will enable you to incline one time to exit the chair in case of a power outage.

  • 38 Auto-Wellness Programs

    Indulge in 38 programs, including full-body immersion, deep tissue and an effective collection of therapeutic relaxation and recovery programs.

  • Cloud Touch Acupressure

    Strategically placed targeted aircells apply pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.

  • Dual-Lumbar Heat

    Adjustable and targeted heat gently soothes the back to loosen tight muscles and help relieve pain.

  • Unibody Track

    The unibody track covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional chairs, extending high performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your thighs.

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair

    The zero gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above your heart, the position doctors recommend as the healthiest way to sit.

  • Memory Settings

    Take a load off and let the chair remember the last setting used for shoulder height detection method, time preference, remote beep, and Bluetooth with even more available in the Human Touch App!



    63”L x 34”W x 46”H


    74”L x 34”W x 32”H


    20” W x 18” D x 21” H


    313 lb


    285 lb


    5'0" - 6'9"




    S- and L-Track 3D Massage Technology with Intellitrack





Human Touch Super Novo 2 Specs