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Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

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Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager Owner's Manual

Limited Edition Collection

  • Under-Foot Massage Rollers
  • Figure-Eight® and CirQlation® Technologies
  • Removable and Washable Easy Sleeves™
  • Two Massage Motion Settings
  • Adjustable Tilt

The Human Touch® Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager is the perfect bridge between state-of-the-art CirQlation® and Figure-Eight® Technologies and the ancient healing art of massage, emulating the same techniques used by massage professionals. It’s hard to believe it’s not human.

Massaging the calves in an upward, rolling or wave-like motion, the Figure-Eight movement caresses sore calves and rejuvenates tired feet to elevate relaxation by forcing blood away from the feet and toward the core of the body, improving circulation. The Reflex5s incorporates reflexology, a popular holistic and complementary therapy that benefits and improves general health as well as relieving stress and pain in other parts of the body. It’s a key ingredient for a balanced life - anywhere you need it!

Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager Features

Removable and Washable Sleeve Inserts

Simply unzip the sleeve inserts and throw them in the wash for a refreshing massage experience, every time.

Onboard Control

2 auto-massage programs

2 massage speeds

2 massage motions

Powerful Reflexology Massage

Reflexology massage brings the body back into its natural equilibrium which promotes the body's natural healing power and promotes healing.

Alternating Massage Well Option

Select from two massage motions, with options for massage on alternating sides, or a simultaneous massage on both sides at once.

    Upright Chair Dimensions 19” L x 18” W x 18” H
    Product Weight 20 Lbs
    Shipping Box Dimensions 21” L x 20” W x 21” H
    Warranty 1-Year Limited
    Part Number(s) Black : 200-REFLEX5S-001
    Massage Kneading with Under-Foot Reflexology
    Color Black
    Patented Technology Exclusive Figure-Eight® and CirQlation® Technologies
    Calf Massage Width 5"
    Calf Massage Height 14"