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Brookstone BK 650 Massage Chair

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Current price $4,999.99
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Brookstone BK 650 Massage Chair

Refresh your body and mind with the Brookstone BK-650 massage chair. The BK-650 utilizes L-Track technology to reach every inch of your spine and glutes which helps to eliminate tension and relax all of your tight muscles. Top features are L-Track, 3D Massage, Voice Activation, Body Scan, Compression Massage, Zero Gravity, Reflexology Foot Massage, and more.

    • 3D Motion Intelligent Rollers
    • L-Track Technology
    • Body Scanning
    • Alexa Voice Control
    • Zero Gravity Recline
    • Reflexology Foot Massage
    • Air Compression Massage
    • 12 Automatic Programs
    • Heat Therapy
    • Space-Saving Technology
    • Light Therapy with Bluetooth Speakers
    • Quick Controls
    • Tablet Remote Control


3D L-Track Technology

The L shaped track allows for massage starting at the back of the head, neck, and shoulders, traveling down the spine contouring underneath the glutes to target and release these important muscle groups.

3D Massage Roller

The BK 650 3D Humanistic Massage Mechanism travels in 3 dimensions: vertically, horizontally and in/out.

Body Scanning Technology

With sensors inside the rollers and state of the art computing technology, the BK-650 automatically detects the size, shape, and curves of your body to create an accurate and precise massage experience customized for your specific body type.

One-Touch Zero Gravity

The best place to be for a massage, the Zero Gravity provides a neutral spinal position, taking all weight off of the joints, for a light as air, floating on a cloud feeling. The Zero Gravity position reduces compression along your spine reducing pain.

Space Saving Technology

The Brookstone BK 650 massage chair fits in all types of rooms, on all kinds of surfaces. Traditionally, massage chairs take up much space, especially when reclining. Most chairs require about two and a half feet of space behind the backrest for a full recline. The BK 650 slides forward when reclining, to save space in your home. This chair requires only 1” of space behind the backrest at any given position.

Reflexology Foot Massage

The ancient practice of zone therapy or reflexology has numerous benefits to the whole body. Reflexology is known for improving blood circulation, promoting better sleep, relieving body pain, and improving your mood. The Brookstone BK-650 employs reflexology massage rollers for the soles of the feet and pressure for a more intricate foot massage, nurturing your whole body.

Air Compression Massage

Air compression massage aids in circulation for faster healing and better overall health. The Brookstone BK-650’s 34 air compression chambers strategically placed throughout the chair to target and release stiffness. The air compression areas can be independently adjusted with 3 levels of intensity.

Heat Therapy

Heat is provided to the lower lumbar region of the spine which helps relieve lower back tension and relax the underlying muscles and joints.

12 Automatic Programs

Finding your perfect massage is easy with 12 automatic programs featuring 6 relaxing massage techniques that the whole family will enjoy. Customize your massage and save it with 3 Memory Settings for quick access to your specialized massage programs. Choose from Gentle, Demo, Stretch, Joint Care, Spine Care, Relax, Vigorous, Swedish, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Balinese.

Light Therapy with Bluetooth Speakers

The Mach IX massage chair features patterned chromotherapy LED light therapy in 8 modes to uplift your mood, increase your metabolism, and promote detoxification. Choose from White, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, Polychrome. Surround sound Bluetooth speakers easily connect to your smartphone or other smart device, for music therapy and added relaxation.


  • Tablet Remote Control

    The BK 650’s easy-to-use wired-touch pad controls the chair’s massage functions, allows for saved custom massages, and even displays what features your current massage is using. With a tap on the 7” touchscreen control panel, you can switch between English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Vietnamese.

  • Quick Controls with USB Charging

    Easily control the recline and angle of the ottoman from the quick control panel. You can also control the power and cycle through automatic programs. While relaxing in your massage chair, chair your favorite device in the supplied USB charging station.

  • Voice Activation

    The BK-650 massage chair is equipped with voice activation and supports Google and Alexa speakers (Sold Separately). Before using the voice control function, please visit the Google Play or the Apple Store to download and install the Cozzia app. You can search for "Cozzia Voice Commands" to find it.