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Learning Center- What are 3D Massage Rollers?

What is 3D Massage Technology?

This is an exciting innovation that has been featured in many newer massage chairs. This 3D massage technology is used to allow the roller heads to protrude from the track an additional 8-10cm (depending on the manufacturer) in an effort to create a more in-depth massage in places that are typically neglected by your average 2D massage chair, such as the upper neck and shoulder areas.

There is also another benefit to 3D massage technology. Being able to protrude from the track allows the massage heads to get super deep into your muscle tissue, which can improve your massage experience in a number of ways:

  • This allows you to have a deeper, much more intense massage, which maximizes the benefit of the massage and the relaxation you will receive from it.
  • It's adjustable! This means you can control the amount of protrusion from the massage heads, which gives you even more control over the massage you receive from your chair.
  • As mentioned previously the 3D massage technology also allows you to receive a massage in areas that previously would have gone without. You can now extend your deep tissue massage to these areas, increasing the rejuvenation and overall benefits of your massage.

How Have 3D Massage Rollers Improved Over 2D?

A 3D massage system takes everything a 2D system offers one step further and is found in the majority of massage chairs being released today. This works deep into your shoulders and back, penetrating into the muscles in a way that 2D rollers just can’t.

These rollers can extend further out from the track. What this means is that the rollers themselves can come out further into the z-axis. That’s where we get the name 3D from. Because instead of just moving up and down or left and right, these rollers can also come in and out. Three dimension equals 3D!

This action helps to mimic the feeling of human hands massaging you. You can adjust the intensity to make the massage as intense or as gentle as you like with some limitations based on the chair itself. This can be a good feature if more than one person will be using the chair.

These chairs are becoming more and more popular, though they are more expensive than 2D chairs. However, the adjustability provides more bang for your buck.

The First One

Some of the first 3D chairs to hit the market were the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra series. They use what they call a 3D intelligent robot. These chairs employ that body scanning tech we all love to map your shoulders and spine and create a personalized massage. Then, these chairs can make micro-adjusts to apply a customized massage along your entire spine. This allows for one of the most realistic and therapeutic massages on the market- one of the major reasons Panasonic is the only massage chair recommended by the American Chiropractic Association.

Final Thoughts

So, that's the basic rundown of 3D massage rollers and their technology.

When you’re in the market for a massage chair this is helpful information. Additionally, check out our Massage Chair Buying Guide to help you take a closer look at all the features to consider when buying a massage chair.

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