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Massage Chairs for Retirement Homes

Looking to Provide Relaxation & Pain Relief in Your Retirement Home? We’d Love to Help.

As we grow older, our bodies can start slowing down and it can be difficult to stay physically active, which is vital for seniors because it can improve mobility, flexibility, and even mental health. Massage can be a great, non-invasive way to help seniors with many age-related conditions. In fact, with regular massage, improved quality of life, increased energy levels, and feeling younger and healthier are all possible.

If you want to provide this for your retirees and seniors as a part of your retirement home it can be a fantastic way to provide a service that can ease joint and muscle pain, reduce stress, and help the nervous and circulatory systems to function better. 

However, with times changing and a pandemic raging it can be impractical and even unsafe to have a massage therapist regularly visiting the retirees, especially since they are at a greater risk. That’s where a massage chair can be a fantastic option. A massage chair will replace the need for a paid therapist and cut down on the spread of germs because you’ll be able to keep the chairs in one location and regularly clean them.

If you need several massage chairs for multiple homes or even a smaller complex with a couple of units, we’ve got you covered. 

Thankfully, here at MassageChairPlanet.Com we can provide retirement home massage chair pricing in addition to the numerous other services that allow us to make sure that our clients are always satisfied. 

We can offer bulk purchasing options so that your retirees will be thrilled with the offerings provided that can help them to feel their best and enjoy their golden years.

The bulk discount available will depend on the massage chairs you decide to go with, as well as how many will be purchased. Additionally, for smaller homes and businesses there may be a financing option available that you can call and ask about.

You can select from brand-new and exclusive options or you can go with floor models for an even better discount. No matter what you’re searching for we’re sure to have something that will suit the needs of your residents and make your retirement home property that much more relaxing, homey, and inviting.

Great Massage Chairs, Great Service

We can work with you to order a number of units for your common areas or for individual rooms. Plus, you can still count on our great service when it comes to price matches, white glove and curbside delivery, and no sales tax promises for those outside of Nevada and Utah.

For example, with our delivery you can count on a few things:

Free Curbside Delivery- Curbside delivery is our standard delivery method and is offered as a free service to you. Using this method your massage chair will arrive in its factory boxes, unassembled. Once your package gets close to home, the freight company will call you to schedule the delivery. They will deliver your package to your carport or entryway, and you will be responsible for getting it into your home or business. Some of these boxes can weigh in excess of 200 pounds, so if you do choose this option you may want to have someone help you move it and assemble it. This is a good option for someone who is comfortable assembling their massage chair with the help of the owner's manual. Free shipping is to the lower 48 states. Contact us for a shipping quote if you need delivery to Alaska or Hawaii.

White Glove Delivery- White Glove is the delivery and installation of your massage chair. A professional two-person team will coordinate the best day and time for delivery. Once they arrive your chair will be brought into your house, carried up one flight of stairs if needed, and completely assembled. They remove all the packaging and have you do a test run to make sure everything is in working order. This is an added delivery service and costs $179 and is designed to help anyone that may need help moving their massage chair boxes around their home. An important note is that this service will bring the massage chair into your home for you and into whatever room you choose.

Whatever you need, setup of your purchase or a simple drop-off, we can help make it happen.

And remember, the massage chair warranty provided by the manufacturer will always apply to bulk orders. We can also price match any chair that you see online and you can check out our price match policy here.

Enhanced Wellness for All

Did you try a particular massage chair and enjoy it? No problem. We can help you find the model you enjoyed so much, or if that model has been discontinued, we can help you to find the perfect upgrade that you can make available for all of your residents.

We carry the best massage chairs around and can help you to find the perfect one for the requirements of your specific retirees. You’ll find incredible options on our site that provide the best features around including zero gravity, stretch massage, soothing heat, calf massage, and more.

Give one of our representatives a call at (888) 220-4068 and ask about the bulk massage chair pricing. We’ll help you find the best model for your retirement home that can enhance any resident’s experience there. 

You’ll find so many wonderful massage chairs that can provide much-needed pain relief, a relaxing break after a long day, and even sound systems that allow you to listen to your favorite songs or audiobooks, that you’re sure to find something that’ll keep your retirees happy.

Live in a Retirement Home & Want a Massage Chair?

No need to worry. Just send your retirement home management company to this page and they’ll be able to see all the great programs we have available for bulk ordering and be ready to upgrade your retirement home with the best in at-home relaxation.