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Best Massage Chairs for 2022

Tried and True Favorites & Top New Releases

With so many massage chairs on the market, it can be challenging to determine which chairs are the right options for you. These chairs have been the top-selling models of late, as well as current customer favorites, and there are also some of the hottest new releases we've seen that are sure to take off in 2022.

Here's a look at our favorites for 2021:


Osaki OS-4D PRO Maestro LE Massage Chair-feature-banner

1. Osaki OS-4D PRO Maestro LE Massage Chair

OS-4D Pro Maestro LE has been upgraded to provide a more fluid, more realistic 4D massage than its predecessor. As good as it was before, the OS-4D Pro Maestro LE now provides even smoother massage skills that are more effective and realistic. Experience the most life-like massage from Osaki in the newly enhanced 4D L-track massage is designed to massage wider, deeper, and more rhythmically than the conventional rollers. With the Maestro LE, you will have complete control of your relaxation experience. Massages are adjustable with eight 4D adjustments, plus five in strength, intensity, and speed for the massage rollers. The 4D massage allows another experience with account for the speed and rhythm of the massage. The Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro LE allows for eight different levels of adjustment for the 4D massage. With the variety of adjustment levels, the user can customize the massage to suit their personal preferences.

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Osaki OS-PRO Admiral Massage Chair-feature-banner

2. Osaki OS-PRO Admiral Massage Chair

One of the newest releases from Titan Chair, the Osaki OS-PRO Admiral massage chair with LED controls features an L-Track system with Zero Gravity, 16 auto massage programs, and full-body airbag massage. With the Admiral, you’ll have complete control of your relaxation experience thanks to the six Massage Styles, 2” Space Saving Technology, lumbar and calf heat, and wonderful 3D massage. The OS-Pro Admiral has 16 different auto massage programs. Office Pro, Traveller, Text-Neck, Lady, AM routine, Middy nap, Re-energize, Shape'n'Tone, Men's fitness, Elderly health, Relax, Rejuvenate, Gentle relief, Stretch, Recover, and Thai.

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Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair-feature-banner

3. Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair

Luraco has created one of the most advanced chairs on the market with the iRobotics 7. Luraco is the only brand that designs, engineers, and assembles their chairs in the United States. It isn’t surprising that their chairs present an amazing level of quality and craftsmanship. Being made in America, they have designed the chair with the American body shape in mind. The height range is from 4’8” up to 6’7” with a max user weight of 300lbs. This is a huge benefit to the quality of your massage. The double body scan that is done by 3D technology creates one of the most accurate massages available. The combination of the seat sway feature and the heat in the lower lumbar and feet will make sure that your entire body is getting attention. Compile all these features with the deep massage programming, touch screen remote, zero gravity, stretching and full body air compression, and you are bound to walk away completely relaxed. The Luraco i7 is a chair for someone that wants the best and this chair is going to leave you satisfied.

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Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair-feature-banner

4. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Prepare to embrace this FlexGlide massage chair from Human Touch and experience relaxation in every muscle in your back, neck, and shoulders. The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 offers patented warm air technology that produces even more relief for your tense muscles and the BodyMap Pro remote allows you to pinpoint where you want the massage to focus. With the advanced technology, you’ll get a soothing massage that delivers a stress-reducing experience like never before. Free from pinching and friction frequently associated with typical massage chairs, this FlexGlide massage chair provides a seamless glide that allows you to relax without the rollers feeling like they are dragging against the skin. The WholeBody 7.1 features Flex, Tone, and Stretch techniques that mimic the sensation of human hands for an incredible massage experience. This is how you get an incredible massage in a compact frame.

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Infinity Genesis Max 4D Massage Chair-feature-banner

7. Infinity Genesis Max 4D Massage Chair

The Genesis Max 4D is the continuation of what the Infinity Genesis SE started and so much more. In this chair, Infinity maximized many key areas including the foot massage to now include kneading and oscillation, on-board nature sounds to help you relax, and the latest, most advanced, and leather-backed controller. The Genesis Max has done all this through continuous research and innovation, all with the goal of bringing the best out of you. Built with everybody in mind, this chair scans you and adjusts the massage accordingly. That means everyone from Mom to Dad to Grandma can fully enjoy this chair. In fact, everything about the massage can be personalized from the speed and depth of the rollers to the airbag intensity to the music playing on the speakers. Plus, you can control it all from the all-new, intuitive Infinity Controller, or connect your phone through Bluetooth and use the Genesis Max App, which puts the controls right in your own pocket.

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Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair-feature-banner

8. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Upgrade the way you experience at-home massage with the Human Touch® Super Novo massage chair. It provides an incredible design that delivers 3D massage across your entire back and all the way down to your thighs. Plus, you can up it even more with the available 4D massage programs.

In addition to its advanced massage innovation, the Super Novo is also “the first chair of its kind to implement Alexa capability with the help of Virtual Therapist™.” You can create a truly personal massage experience by asking the Virtual Therapist to give you a customized massage. Sit back and let this wonderful new char sweep you into the perfect state for true relaxation.

The Super Novo captivates with its unibody construction, delivering 3D or 4D massage along the entire length of your spine and reaches your thighs. Enjoy its Meditation programs that combine a soothing soundtrack with relaxing strokes to help you focus your breathing and achieve a healing level of relaxation. In addition, the programs in the Yoga Studio use deep stretching and pressure to loosen tight muscles and alleviate pain.

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Osaki OS-PRO First Class Massage Chair-feature-banner

9. Osaki OS-PRO First Class Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-PRO First Class massage chair features an L-Track system with 3D rollers, Two-Stage Zero Gravity, 23 auto programs, and a touch-screen remote for the most top-notch massage experience. Packed with fully adjustable settings in a smart control system, this chair provides an unrivaled massage to each user. It also offers a unique foot roller setup, USB ports, Bluetooth speakers, space-saving technology, and negative ion therapy for a stress-relieving experience. This chair truly has all the bells and whistles expected in a modern, new release chair as well as many more.

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JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair-feature-banner

10. JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair

Many massage chairs claim to offer a full-body massage, however, the JPMedic Kumo’s enhanced 44-inch L-track proves users with wider coverage and reaches more of their back. This long track can reach all the way down your back to wrap under your glutes for an incredible massage. In fact, the Kumo is a huge improvement over conventional massage chairs and is the first of its kind to offer deep tissue, heated, spine-focused, human-like massages. The 4D thermo-rollers come out three inches deep and travel 1.5 inches apart to accurately massage your spine and specific acupuncture points. The heat from the rollers helps to simulate a real pair of warm hands massaging your body. Plus, the Kumo is equipped with a high-performance A.R.M. microprocessor. This combined with sensors built into the massage chair allows it to respond quickly and accurately, and adjust intensity levels in real-time at the specific spot and desired strength and intensity.

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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair-feature-banner

11. Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

Daiwa introduces a new category of the massage chair. Since this hybrid model combines an inversion stretch with an L-shaped massage track, it provides the same effect as a Yoga stretch. Experience a greater reach, a deeper stretch, and a better massage. HybriFlex™, the Flexible Massage Track, this innovative bendable massage track, makes a further reach and deeper inverted bend possible for the first time. Users get the deepest, most natural muscle stretch of any chair on the market. The FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-Roller System is the result of a totally new massage roller design that separates the upper and lower massaging arms. One focuses on the upper back, shoulders, and neck using 3D massage rollers, and the other simultaneously massages the lower back and legs. Plus, it offers a heated knee massage, 50 airbags, and a wireless charging port for your smart devices.

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