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Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair Review

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair Review

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair Review

Please note this massage chair has been discontinued. Click here for Titan Massage Chairs.

The Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage chair represents the top of what Titan has to offer. Built with all the best features a modern massage chair can have, this chair ensures that every massage is personalized and relaxing with every use. The Alpine is available in four colors, black, red, brown, and cream, this ensures that even the look of your massage chair can be personalized to your décor.

Titan Overview

Titan massage chairs are brought to you by the same people that created Osaki massage chairs, but offer a different sort of massage, and feature a different style of massage track that we will talk about in just a minute.

L-Track Massage System

This feature is the highlight of all Titan massage chairs. The L-track massage system improves the support across your lower back and neck so you can sit more comfortably in the chair. The massage system is designed to target individual discs in your spine to help decompress and separate them to allow vital nutrients into your spine, improving the overall health of your spine and back muscles.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity

Two-stage zero gravity is an important feature in any high-end massage chair, with the push of a button you are reclined back in the chair, with your legs above your heart in an effort to reduce the overall stress on your body. NASA introduced this position a few decades ago as a way to reduce the stress on the body of astronauts being launched into space. In a massage chair, this position reduces gravity’s influence on the body which allows your joints to decompress and relax much more easily.

With this effect happening across your whole body, your overall sense of well-being and relaxation will be improved.

Massage Experience

Titan’s high-end chair lives up to its hype and its feature set with an incredibly rejuvenating massage. Able to accommodate users up to 6’4”, the Alpine delivers on Titans promise for one of the best massages you have experienced in your life. With an extensive airbag massage system and foot rollers, every muscle from your neck to your toes will be taken care of.

Shipping Information

Many people don’t know this, but massage chairs don’t come assembled, they come in several heavy boxes. If you don’t have help to move and set-up your massage chair, White Glove Delivery might be exactly what you are looking for, we will send out an assembly team to bring the boxes into a room of your choice and assemble your massage chair in your home, as well as have you test it before leaving to ensure that everything is in working order.

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