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Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair Review

Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair Review

Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Visit Titan Massage Chairs.

It isn’t a regular occurrence to come across such wonderful technology to help your body with its everyday aches and pains. If you are interested in a new massage chair I am reviewing one of the top Titan massage chairs which really made me feel great when the session ended.

The Titan TP-PRO 8300 has everything a man like me needs in a therapeutic massage chair, and at a price, I can easily live with.


Mapping Your Body

This massage chair will map out your body with rollers to get your height, size and to see where your curves are at. This way you won’t have to worry about extra stress on a certain joint or muscle you may have difficulty with. It basically takes a picture of your body for a more accurate and precise massage experience. So, regardless of your body type, and if you have ever seen mine you’d know I have issues, this highly advanced massage chair can measure your body type making each massage experience customized.

S-Track Technology Does a Body Good

The S-Track design feels wonderful to the body. The motion of the rollers made my body tingle as the pressure massage was really deep. My muscles loosened up and my joints were refreshed when the session was over.

As for my neck, the S-Track technology helped to alleviate stiffness and allowed my range of motion to get just a little bit better. As for my shoulders and hips, I felt good after my massage session was over. The airbag technology program caused great movement in my body and created a great stretch to my upper body down to the hips.

Lay Back And Enjoy

You don’t want the chair to close to the wall in your home because you can recline in this massage chair in what’s called zero gravity which helps to align your back to your legs and feet. This position is so much more comfortable than the upright sitting position.

My back felt so loose when the massage session was over I could actually function the entire day without any pain. I loved it.

Arm’in My Body

Not meaning to be too cute with this title, but your body will feel rejuvenated after a session in this chair, especially your arms. The Titan TP-Pro 8300 was very comfortable for my limbs. Little massaging bumpers helped my hands and arms to feel invigorated. And I cannot forget how good it felt when the airbags deflated around my arms.

Relax with LED Chromotherapy Lighting

For you who are stimulated by lights, this chair brings a refreshing ambiance with the use of LED lighting.

The LED lights are hidden behind plexiglass and can only be seen in a dark room. I definitely enjoyed the stimulus while listening to music on my phone.


Finally, because massage chairs aren’t the easiest of products to set up on your own, we offer the “White Glove Delivery Service”. This wonderful service allows you the customer, to have a delivery team set up the massage chair inside your home, in the room of your choice and you’ll get to try it out before they leave. They will even take out all the packaging. So you don’t have to move several hundred-pound boxes on your own, because we just want you to relax.

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