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Osaki OS-7200h Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-7200h Massage Chair Review

If you're looking for a comfortable and affordable massage chair, that will suit just about anybody, then I would recommend the Osaki OS-7200h Zero Gravity Massage Chair. It is actually quite a bit larger than your standard massage chair, so it's perfect for larger frame bodies. This means, anyone whose taller will fit comfortably in the seat. The seat has a lot of the same features as the smaller model, just larger in size.

The massage has a realistic feel to it due to the S-track and quad-roller system. It truly gives the impression you are being massaged by a real live person at an expensive spa. The chair lets you choose between a few different positions to gain that zero-gravity feel. It helps to relax your spine, hips, knees, ankles and just about everywhere you need to feel that nice and calm massage. Your body weight is situated at the backrest, and that is where the rollers are which intensifies your massage.


The chair has 51 airbags placed around the chair in vital areas; for example, around the neck, shoulders, back, the seat, arms and palms, and calves plus the lumbar region to give your back and body a full massage. The airbags work with the rollers to push you back into your seat into the rollers so you can get an improved massage while staying comfortable.

Leg Scan and Music Sync Massage

The OS-7200H lets you personalize your massage too. The leg ottoman extends and retracts so you can find the most comfortable fit for your leg length – it's a really great feature. This helps to ensure all the airbags and massage rollers are in the correct spots to give the best massage possible.

The music sync feature uses two speakers that are built into the headrest and work right along with the vibration massage feature and MP3 input to give you a customized vibration massage to go along with your music. You can use your favorite playlist and enjoy a great massage at the same time.

Heat Therapy and Chromotherapy

The Osaki 7200H has a heat therapy option that is located around the shoulder blades to add a soothing level to your massage. This helps to loosen muscle tension and relieve stress and believe me, it helps to relieve toxins too.

The chair offers a great atmosphere to relax in too due to its chromotherapy option. This is added to create an ambient and healing light that brightens the room when you turn your other lights off. This goes a long way to relax you during your massage.

Remote and Auto Timer

You control your choices for massage technique and the other features using an LCD remote. You access it by flipping open the lid and choosing your desired preferences. The remote will display what your massage chair is doing on the LCD screen. You can adjust speed, intensity and the location of your massage from here too.

The chair comes equipped with an auto timer too. This is a great safety feature to prevent injury and to avoid prolonged use. You can program the timer from 5 to 30 minutes.

White-Glove Delivery

Most people don't realize that massage chairs don't come assembled. You have to put them together yourself and they come in several heavy boxes, weighing in upwards of 300 pounds in some cases. If you don't have help available or live on the second floor of an apartment building then we highly recommend the white glove delivery. A crew will come out to your house and assemble the massage chair in a room of your choice. They will even have you test it before they leave to ensure that your massage chair is in working order!

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