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Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-7075R Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued! Visit more Osaki Massage Chairs.

The Osaki OS-7075R zero gravity massage chair provides a unique design and feature set for the Osaki massage chair line-up. With a heat therapy system that far surpasses any other massage chair that Osaki offers you are guaranteed to find incredible relaxation with a massage from this massage chair. With a recommended user height of 5’2” to 6’5”, and a suggested max user weight of 300 lbs this chair is a great option for almost everyone.

The OS-7075R Massage Chair Overview

The OS-7075R is offered in 3 different colors, Black, Cream and Taupe, The one in our showroom is the cream color and is by far the most modern looking massage chair out of the whole collection. The remote for this model is a little different, instead of being on a stand; it’s built into the armrest and flips up for easy use, without taking up any extra room.

Just to give you a better perspective on my experience with this massage chair, just as I have mentioned in many of the other massage chair reviews, I am 6’2” and in the high 200’s, a pretty burly man. So if you vary significantly in height or weight, you may have an entirely different experience with this massage chair. I recommend using my review of this massage chair as an indication of experience, your preferences may differ from mine, so take this into account when reading on.

When you first sit down

As with all Osaki Massage Chairs, when you sit down and first turn on the massage chair it reclines a bit to help keep you in the chair when the body-scan starts. I choose the “Soothing program, reclined back into the zero gravity position and started my massage.

A special note on the remote; the remote for the Osaki OS-7075R is much simpler to navigate and quickly find what you are looking for than some of the OS-3D Pro massage chairs. You have your massage programs, followed by a few manual adjustments, and then finally positioning buttons to manipulate the head and foot rest to an ideal position for you, simple, easy effective.

Unique Heating Options

The heat therapy built into the Osaki OS-7075R massage chair is quite impressive. Instead of the standard two heating pads in the lumbar area, this massage chair has several of them placed throughout the massage chair to provide a full body heat therapy experience. As I mentioned, this isn't found in a lot of other chairs, most massage chairs have one on either side of the lumbar and that’s it, so your legs, arms, shoulders and neck go without.

One of the most impressive parts of this massage chair is the head to toe heat therapy. There is even a heating pad in the massage halo, which is a unique feature in itself.

Unique Feature: The Massage Halo

The massage halo included with this massage chair is also worth mentioning. Built into the pillow area is a head massage halo that provides an air pressure massage and heat therapy to the crown of your head that mimics the feel of a scalp massage. It was a weird feeling to me, but I could see how some might enjoy it.

Recommend Shipping Options

As I always do at the end of the massage I think of how big and heavy these massage chairs are. Many people don’t realize that massage chairs need to be assembled when they arrive. It’s not difficult if you can follow a set of instructions. The difficult part is that your massage chair comes in several very heavy boxes that weight in upward of 200 lbs. So if you live on the second floor of an apartment building or don’t have people to help you move your massage chair into the room that you want it, we recommend the White Glove Delivery Option. With this option, an assembly crew will come out to your home and assemble your OS-7075R in the room of your choice, and even have you test it before they go to ensure everything is in working order. It’s a life and a back saver if help is not available to you.

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