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Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair Review

Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair Review

Please note, this chair has been discontinued. You can check out our other massage chairs here.

Ogawa is determined to bring the latest innovations to their massage chairs. The Ogawa Refresh is their most affordable chair and is going to focus on your body from head to toe.

Zero Gravity Recline

Zero gravity recline is established in the Refresh by your knees being elevated to the level of your heart or higher. Once you are at this angle compression along your spine is relieve and your blood pressure will then lower. Zero gravity recline is a proven posture position based on NASA research.

Smart Curve Technology

Ogawa has developed a proprietary technology called Smart Curve. This allows the Refresh massage chair to reach every inch of your spine. A 31” roller stroke focuses on the natural curve of your spine. The cervical curve of the neck region gets extra attention when the roller performs a deep neck massage.


Some people prefer a deeper massage, while other users of the massage chair may rather have something softer. The Refresh gives you the ability to remove the back pad so that the massage can be made even stronger. You can also adjust the rollers with 3 width options and 5 levels of speed. You can now customize your massage for each particular session.

Air Compression Massage

Ogawa would like to bring you as close to human hands as possible. The Refresh massage chair has a 26 air chamber compression system that provides a pressure massage for the rest of the body that the massage roller cannot reach. 2 airbags located around the upper shoulder area are designed to flare out and give you shoulder compression while also pinning your body to the seat. 4 airbags are located in the arm rests to provide a massage for the arms and hands which helps to increase circulation. 20 air chambers are used to give a complete massage to your hamstrings, calves, and feet. Acupressure points are strategically targeted to release tension throughout the body. A total of 64 airbags are spread throughout the Refresh massage chair.

Chromatherapy Lights

After a long day, you can come home and create the ultimate relaxing environment. When you decide to use the Ogawa Refresh in a dim room, you can take advantage of the Chromatherapy Lights. Both sides of the massage chair include LED lights that provide a relaxing ambiance in a dim room. Choose from Red, Blue, or Green to light up your room. You can also turn these off from the remote if you prefer to not use them.

Ogawa is focusing on the current needs of massage chair users. They are bringing technology into your massage experience. The result is a massage chair that is going to give you the best massage possible.

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