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Kahuna LM-7800 Massage Chair Review

Kahuna LM-7800 Massage Chair Review

Please note, this chair has been discontinued. You can find other Kahuna massage chairs here.

A new company that is trying to make a splash in the massage chair industry is Kahuna, and they offer a chair that needs no set up at all. It is called the Kahuna LM-7800 massage chair and you will find it has many advantages during my review.


Body Scanning

A professional masseuse studies the human body, but with the technology of Computer Body Scanning on your massage chair, you simply sit back and let the chair do the work. You begin the first massage program where the massage rollers glide up your back, and map your shape, giving you a personalized massage designed specifically for your height and body curves.

A Massage with Length

The massage chair offers a massage that goes from the top of your shoulders to your upper thighs. It gave me tingles going down my lower back and through my glutes to the upper part of my legs. Before the massage, I was very tight, but afterwards it loosened up the entire area.

The massage rollers really work deep into your tissue on the Kahuna LM-7800. I felt the pressure in each disc of my spine as the roller passed downward. It was soothing.

Human Like Massage

The four massage heads in the massage chair work together like human hands would provide the calming sensation but in the privacy of your own home.

To really relieve stress on your body, there are airbags which use a compression massage technology designed to improve circulation and give the muscles in your body a much-needed break. To really give you a great therapeutic massage, part of the airbag system works with the back massage rollers to improve the massage in the shoulders and lower back area. This is very noticeable and simply appealing.

The Heat Is On

If heat is something that you need in your therapeutic sessions then you’ll really enjoy the heat therapy given in this massage chair. My tight muscles received the much-needed attention they deserve.

Smart LCD Remote

Like the title says, the remote is smart and very simple to use. The remote of the Kahuna LM-7800 massage chair makes things easy on you and is designed to get you to the massage program you need in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Fits Great in Your Home

Like I mentioned, it comes in one piece to your home. I also like the three different colors Kahuna offers in this massage chair, red, ivory and brown. Perhaps best of all, with just three inches (recommendation is six inches) of room from your wall in your home this massage chair can fully recline into the zero gravity position because of the space saving technology incorporated into base.


We offer White Glove Delivery Service for free with this massage chair to help you with the weight of the large box this chair comes in. We will move it into the room of your choosing and before the delivery team leaves they will make sure everything works as you try it out.

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