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Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair Review

Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair Review

Please note, this chair has been discontinued. You can find other Infinity massage chairs here.

The Infinity IT-9800 Zero Gravity Massage chair comes in 5 colors and has a lot of features that are not immediately apparent when looking at this particular massage chair. Features like 8 different recline positions, and foot & calf massage rollers. Let’s take a more in-depth look so you can see for yourself.

Basic Overview

At a glance, the Infinity IT-9800 looks like a normal recliner with perhaps a more elaborate calf rest. But when you sit down and relax in this chair it has a great feel to it and has a lot to offer you, from a head to toe massage without feeling like you are being scrunched into a small chair. One major difference between this massage chair and others that compare is that this chair does not have any shoulder or arm airbag massage capabilities. Removing this, however, makes it feel a little more like a comfortable chair that has massage capabilities.

Calf & Foot Massage Rollers

People have many different preferences when it comes to a foot massage, some people like it, others can’t stand it. The Infinity IT-9800 gives you the option to experience the roller massage on your calves, or a reflexology massage on the soles of your feet. This is a unique way that Infinity gives you more control over your massage without making the chair look like it's something you would find on the starship enterprise.

8 different recline positions

Inversion therapy is what got Infinity massage chairs on the map in the massage chair world. This massage chair offers 8 different recline positions that use the airbags in combination with gravity to help stretch your body and help you relax.

Inversion Therapy Positions for the Infinity IT-9800 massage chair

Each position has its own benefit and focuses on stretching a different part of your body.

White Glove Delivery

When people are considering purchasing a massage chair, they often don’t realize that it doesn’t always come preassembled. It comes in pieces in a few heavy boxes. If you have help to move the boxes to where you want them and assemble the massage chair, by all means skip the white glove delivery, but if you don’t we highly recommend adding the white glove delivery service. With this service a crew will come out to your home and carry the boxes up two flights of stairs into the room of your choice and assemble the massage chair, as well as have you test it before they leave to ensure everything is in working order.

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