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Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair Review

Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. You can find newer Infinity massage chairs here.

Infinite Therapeutics is the company behind the success of the Infinity line of massage chairs. With a smaller more focused collection, they are able incredible massage chairs adept in inversion therapy. The Infinity IT-7800 is their entry model offered at $1495 after a $300 coupon, which is an incredible value for the massage you receive from this comfortable chair. Before we get into the review, remember to take into account my disclaimer. I am 6’2” high 200’s lbs, and on the higher side of the maximum weight and height recommendations for most of our massage chairs. This one is no different, so if you vary significantly in height, or weight than me your experience may be completely different.

Basic Overview

The Infinity IT-7800 is very good looking chair, offered in both Black and Taupe, it is very comfortable to just sit in and relax. The floor model in our showroom is in the black color and looks just as sleek as the rest of our chairs. As you may or may not know already, Infinity’s specialty is inversion therapy, which means that all of their massage chairs will have several different positions of recline and different programs that use this positions to help you stretch, relax, and decompress. Let’s get into the review so you can get a better idea of what to expect from this massage chair.

When you first sit down

When you first sit down, the seat is very comfortable, and easily capable of being a standard recliner that you would relax it while watching the game on the weekend or just reading a book at the end of a very long day. I started with one of the four pre-set programs and reclined into the zero gravity position to start my massage.

Full Recline Control of the chair

One unique thing I noticed about this chair is that you have full control over the recline of both the headrest and the foot rest, so if zero gravity or inversion therapy positioning feels uncomfortable to you, (like you’re going to fall out the chair or you’re getting a headache) you can manipulate either the footrest or the headrest on your own to find the perfect position for you and your comfort level. Most massage chairs have a version of this, but they don’t always give you full control while the massage program is running, this one does.

Intuitive Designed Remote

The remote was super easy to understand and use right off the bat; it doesn’t have a ton of buttons that overwhelm you. You only get the programs, the positioning, and the manual adjustment buttons so you can find your perfect position and adjust your massage accordingly.

Available Discounts

The Infinity IT-7800 retails for $1795, but we offer it here at $300 off giving you a great massage chair for only $1495. This includes free curbside delivery, and no sales tax (excluding NV). So you save a significant amount of money.

A Word on Shipping

Massage chairs can be bulky and require some assembly. Often time’s people don’t realize that massage chairs come in several large boxes that weigh in upward of 200 lbs. So ensure you have some help to assist you in putting it together and moving the massage chair into the room of your choice. If help isn’t available to you, we do offer a white glove delivery service for a small fee, a crew will schedule the delivery with you, and carry the boxes into the room of your choice and assemble it for you. They even have you test it before they leave to ensure there are no problems with the massage chair before they leave. It is worth forgoing the mental and physical strain for some people to just have it assembled for them. Look for this option on the product page below.

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