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Infinity Escape Massage Chair Review

Infinity Escape Massage Chair Review

Please note this massage chair has been discontinued. You can find other Infinity massage chairs here.

The Infinity Escape massage chair offers a full body massage experience that will leave your body relaxed and invigorated. By using a much longer massage track, the Escape is able to provide much more benefit to your body than the typical massage chair.

Massage Track

The Infinity Escape has an extra long massage track that reaches down passed your glutes to your upper thigh. This increases the overall surface area of your back massage by about 30%. This feature is perfect for those who work out a lot or who carry tension in their lower back or legs. This massage track also provides much better support for your lumbar and neck so you can sit more comfortably and relax more deeply. The Infinity Escape has a two stage zero gravity which gives you another level to all of the benefits it provides. The Infinity Escape massage chair uses a unique slide rail massage track to apply uniform pressure across your entire back. This also allows you to customize the width of the massage roller. The massage roller can be adjusted from narrow to wide to give you plenty of personalization so your massage suits your needs.


The lumbar of the backrest houses heating elements that apply a gentle heat therapy to your lower back. This can do wonders to loosen up tense muscles and soothe lower back pain so you finish your massage session refreshed and ready for the rest of your day.

Airbag System

The Infinity Escape massage chair uses 38 airbags to provide a compression massage to your body from your feet all the way up to your shoulders. The airbags are designed to help promote circulation and lower blood pressure. Airbags in the waist area provide a squeeze massage to your hips and is used as an important facet in the stretching portions of the massage. These airbags also inflate alternately to provide a twisting stretch. Airbags in the leg ottoman apply a squeeze massage to your lower body in an effort to improve circulation and soothe tension throughout your legs. Airbags in the foot area inflate to press your feet down onto the foot massage roller to gently increase the intensity so you receive even deeper benefit.

Ultimate Space Saving

Many massage chairs can require up to 2.5′ feet behind the massage chair to fully recline which can cause your massage chair to occupy a lot of space within your home. The Infinity Escape massage chair provides zero wall technology which is the latest version of space saving technology. This minimizes the space required behind the chair to fully recline so you can place the massage chair close to the wall and fully recline without scratching your wall or taking up too much space. This is a key feature that you will benefit from, that you may not consider when deciding on your new massage chair.

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