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Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair Review

Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair Review

Please note this chair has been discontinued. Check out our other massage chairs here.

Everyone has some sort of ache or pain they are living with. That is why you are here, right? You are looking for a good massage chair to help you get rejuvenated. Well, I found one that I really like and will review for you, but time is running out on the Apex AP-Pro Ultra massage chair, as it is coming off the market.


For a good price, you get a lot of goodies with this machine. It is available in three colors to help you with the décor of your home; black, brown and gray. The one I tested was gray.

Amazing Stage 3 Zero Gravity

The Apex AP-Pro Ultra has an amazing three-stage zero gravity system which I found very comfortable. I tested all three settings while using this massage chair, and I really enjoyed the session. A great benefit for the third stage is it makes the massage hit every vertebra in your back, making for a deeper massage.

The L-Track Massage System makes sitting or lying in the massage chair very comfortable for me, as it supports the entire back, especially in the lumbar and neck areas.

Fewer Airbags Make For A Better Massage

The airbag compression technology used in this massage chair has been modernized to reduce the number of airbags in the chair, but you won’t feel a difference because the massage still doesn’t miss any areas. The rubberized bumps that have been added to the massage chair for the arms create a better massage along the forearm which really relaxed my elbow and shoulder area.

Lumbar Heat Feature

Most high-end massage chairs have heat treatments, but the Apex AP-Pro Ultra massage chair features heat therapy technology in the lower back area that uses two heating pads. I found this to make my core area looser and I was able to be more flexible.

Built-in Music System

I would have to say that my favorite part of this massage chair is the MP3 music system. All you have to do is plug your phone or any music device you have the cord which is located on the right side of the chair and let the music play. Your favorite songs or meditative music will be heard through the stereo speakers that are located just above the shoulder airbags. The qualities of the speakers are wonderful.

White-Glove Delivery Service

Finally, another benefit to the massage chair is the setup. It comes in just one large box and by purchasing the White Glove Delivery System, a delivery team will bring the massage chair into your home and park it where you like. Plus, you get to test drive the massage chair before they leave making sure it is working properly.

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