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Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair Review

Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair Review

Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Check out our other massage chairs here.

The Apex AP-Pro Regent has quickly become one of our best sellers, with its competitive price, elaborate heating system, and innovative new massage techniques its no wonder that people are flocking to this massage chair. Available in white or Black, the Regent has a lot to offer and is available now for $1600 off retail.

Basic Overview

The Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair is distributed by the same company that makes Osaki and Titan massage chairs. The Apex line features a different take on massage chairs and has pushed some new technology that will help create a unique world of relaxation that no other massage chair can offer you. With the Apex Regent, the name of the game is “Heated Massage”.

Heating Blanket

This is a brand new feature that I have yet to see on any other massage chair. When you sit down and choose your massage program, there are two blanket arms that you can drape over your chest to bring heat therapy to the front of your body as well as the back of your body. Like the listing page says, this increases the surface area of heat therapy up to 60%.

Heated Foot Massage

One feature that I found noteworthy was the heated foot massage. The only other chair that I have come across that offers this is the Panasonic EP-MA73. While there is no foot massage roller, there is a nodule plate that provides a reflexology massage to the soles of your feet in conjunction with the airbag. Combine that with heating elements in the foot area and you have a recipe for a very relaxing foot massage.

Unique Shoulder Massage Technique

This is one feature I have not seen anywhere else. The 4D massage rollers are able to target the muscles right around your shoulder blade without wasting time on the boney part. This is possible due to the improved body scanning called “Real Body Scanning Technology” that detects additional features of your back such as your shoulder blades. This feature ensures that no effort by the Regent massage chair is wasted.

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