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Osaki OS-4000t vs. Osaki OS-4000

Osaki OS-4000t vs. Osaki OS-4000

Osaki OS-4000t vs. Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Comparison

How do most people looking to purchase a massage chair decide which one is best suited for their needs? Well, comparisons of different massage chair models are one good place to start. The Osaki OS-4000t is a newer model than the Osaki OS-4000, but, for the most part, these two massage chairs are identical.

Osaki OS-4000t vs. Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Comparison

Osaki massage chairs are a top seller in the industry, so you really can’t go wrong with either chair, but when you compare these two massage chairs there are a few differences you should know about, so you can make a proper decision for yourself.

How They Look

The Osaki OS-4000t and OS-4000 are aesthetically the same. You will not be able to tell the two chairs apart. Both have a comfortable leather covering. The construction is duplicated and both chairs come with the same color options.


First let’s look at the technology these two massage chairs share. They both have the quad-style massage roller mechanism that reaches from your tail bone up to your neck. The range is 30 inches while the four heads imitate the hands of a masseuse for a more realistic massage. The rollers follow Osaki’s S-Track technology which is designed to follow the curve of your spine for a more uniform massage especially in the lower back and upper shoulder area.

Both of these high-end massage chairs come equipped with 48 airbags arranged throughout the massage chair. The airbag technology compliments the rollers so to provide a true full body massage.

Both these chairs have zero gravity technology to help with reducing stress and tension from the spine and back while improving the intensity of the back massage. So, once you are fully reclined your heart and feet will be at about the same level.

The Osaki OS-4000t and the Osaki OS-4000 massage chairs have the same programs and body scanning technology to help get the best out of your massage session.

The Mechanical Upgrade: Foot Rollers

The mechanical difference of these two massage chairs is simple, the Osaki OS-4000t has reflexology foot massage rollers. This is the chief reason the Osaki OS-4000t is a better instrument for your massage needs.

These rollers will target the acupoints in your feet to relieve the tension that you even carry throughout your entire body. The massage technology is also newer making it a more mechanically sound massage chair, which helps dampen the sound of the massage mechanism, leaving you with a little quieter massage chair.

Price of the Massage Chairs

The price of these two massage chairs is very similar, and with a coupon you can save $200 off the purchase price.

If you want more information about the Osaki OS-4000t check out our listing below or give us a call at 888-346-3220 and we will be happy to answer any questions.


In conclusion, both the Osaki OS-4000t and OS-4000 are very similar. The mechanics are the same along with the massage programs offered with the chairs. The biggest difference is the upgraded reflexology foot massage rollers that will give you a massage from head to toe.

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