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Ogawa Refresh vs Osaki OS-4000t

The Ogawa Refresh massage chair and Osaki OS-4000t massage chair are two massage chairs that you would easily put next to each other, when you are shopping for a new chair. We will go over the differences between these two chairs and help make your massage chair purchase a simple decision.


S-Track massage is present in both chairs. This is a massage system that follows the curve of your spine from your neck all the way down to your lower back. Heat is used in the massage chairs to loosen up the muscles. When your muscles are loose they will receive the massage much better. This results in your entire body getting a revitalizing massage experience. Zero gravity is available in 2 stages that will recline you to specific positions to remove the stress from your joints and put the weight of your body on the backrest of the chair. Partial or spot massage is available for those days that you have a specific location that needs a lot of attention. Six different pre-programmed massage techniques are available in both of these chairs, giving you many options to choose from. This may seem like they are very similar massage chairs, but that is where the same features come to an end.

OS-4000T Padding

One of the main differences is that the OS-4000t has a back-pad that can be removed. Doing such will allow you to experience a deeper massage, because the rollers are penetrating your back and without any padded barrier in between. If you decided to take off this back-pad during your massage, you may have to come to a complete stop and physically remove the padding and flip it over the headrest. Stopping a massage experience will obviously break up the relaxation that you have established.

Neck & Shoulder Massage

SmartCurve technology is featured in the Refresh, and will create a deeper neck massage than what you would receive on the basic setting. The OS-4000T has a pillow in the headrest that will create downward pressure with airbags on your shoulders to take your massage deeper. While it is effective, it is not the same quality as what is provided in the Refresh.


The Osaki OS-4000t has airbags that are present in the areas of your hips. The purpose of the bags is to squeeze the sides of your legs and hips. Aches in these particular areas can be relieved with a compression massage. Some people feel like it can get a too tight, on the other hand some people have complemented the system. The hip airbag system is something that is best experienced in person, before making a final decision on it's benefit. This airbag system is paired with the shoulder airbags that were previously mentioned above. The shoulder airbags on the Refresh flare out to cover your upper body, which is a great benefit for users with a broader build.

Color Options

The Osaki chairs come in an interesting multi-color option. The different colors can make blending the chair with your current decoration choices easier, as you have more colors to work with. The colors are Charcoal & Beige, Black & Beige, Cream & Brown and Brown & Black. Some may say that the Refresh would blend better into current decor as it only has one color versus two. At the end of the day the color of your chair is an extremely personal choice, but these two chairs are giving you quite a few to choose from.

If you are looking for a chair that is going to cover more body types then the Refresh is the chair for you. The Osaki OS-4000T has some user reviews that state the chair can somewhat feel tight on a larger body size. SmartCurve technology that is present in the Ogawa Refresh is something that you will not find anywhere else. If you are a fan on an S-track massage style, then the SmartCurve is going to be perfect for you. The Osaki OS-4000T has a few features that you are not going to find on the other chair, so it will be easy to decide if these features are going to be something that you would look for, or something that you could go without.

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