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Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Remote

Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Remote

*Please note that this chair has been discontinued. Shop available Luraco Massage Chairs.

We are all very familiar with our phones. Pew research center did a study showing that nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners with 64% of American adults being smartphone owners. It is now common to see smartphone styling trickling into other items that we interact with throughout our day.

In order to make navigating your massage chair as easy as possible, Luraco has mimicked a standard smartphone with their remote for the Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair. The remote itself slightly resembles an older model iPhone. The operating system is fairly straightforward with simple touches allowing you to change your massage location in manual mode. Heat, intensity, music, adjustments and user profiles can all be controlled from the remote. You can create a fully customized massage or quickly access your favorite program. The object of a massage chair is to distress your life, and Luraco didn’t want to give you a remote control that will make your life harder.

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