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Winter Sales Event ❄️! Lowest Price Guaranteed. No Sales Tax.

Osaki OS-PRO Yamato Massage Chair

by Osaki

This product is no longer available.

Osaki OS-PRO Yamato Massage Chair

  • Two-Stage Zero Gravity Technology
  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • L-Track Massage
  • Body Scanning Technology
  • Full Body Airbag Compression Massage
  • Foot Massage & Calf Kneading
  • Space Saving
  • Extendable Footrest
  • Side Controller
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • 10 Auto Massage Programs

The OS-PRO Yamato massage chair is a fantastic new model from the home of Osaki and Titan chairs. It offers a modern design with slick lines, a comfortable feel, and a wide array of settings and capabilities. The Yamato can massage from neck to glutes including the upper hamstrings thanks to the L-Track rollers. With the Yamato, you can pick from a variety of auto-massage programs that will provide a comprehensive massage experience.

You have three colors to choose from with this massage chair: black, brown, and beige, all of which feature a sleek look and are fully backed by Osaki's 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Osaki OS-PRO Yamato Massage Chair Features

Foot & Calf Massage

Spinning foot massagers provide a soothing, kneading massage. The airbags on the calves offer side to side compression which creates a squeeze and releases massage. The footrest also extends out up to 5.5” to comfortably fit users of various heights.


Two-Stage Zero Gravity

The Osaki OS-PRO Yamato features two stages of Zero Gravity. When you recline in the Zero-G position, the weight of your back is supported by the backrest, and when the knees are brought above chest level this optimizes blood flow, helping the body to relax even more. In the second stage, your legs shift even higher, creating an inversion effect that can help with lower extremity swelling.


Lower Back Heat Therapy

The heat therapy in the Osaki OS-PRO Yamato is a great compliment to the rollers and airbag massage. Heat can improve circulation and loosen tense muscles. It creates a cozy atmosphere in your massage chair can help the massage to be that much more beneficial.


L-Track Massage

The L-Track in the OS-PRO Yamato extends from your neck all the way down past your lower back to wrap underneath the back of your thighs. This massage track can tend to your lower back, glutes, and hamstring better than the shorter S-Track, but still uses the same shape so that the rollers make even contact with your body.


Body Scan

A sensor in the back of the chair scans the curvature of the user’s body to ensure accurate, precise massager movement. This scan tells the chair where your shoulders and neck are in both height and width.


Extendable Footrest

The footrest in the OS-PRO Yamato can extend out up to 5.5” to comfortably fit users of different heights.


Side Controller

A Side Controller found on the armrest gives the user more convenient access to quick controls while they are in the chair getting a massage.


Large Display Remote

The remote for the Osaki OS-PRO Yamato is quite large which makes it very easy to read so that you know exactly what is going on with your massage at any given time. You can also use the controls on the arm if you don’t want to hold the remote. The programs, as well as the intensity, are all easily changed using the large remote.


10 Auto Programs

The Osaki OS-PRO Yamato massage chair comes with 10 pre-programmed massage routines: Gentle Relief- soothing tapping with light kneading, Deep Tissue- a full body deep tissue massage that focuses on the neck, shoulders, waist, and hips, Thai- rhythmic Thai massage movements, Neck/Shoulder- focused on that area, Relax- slow kneading and heavy tapping, Rejuvenate- increases blood flow and relaxation, Elder Care- designed for older users, Swing- slow massage motions on the back, Recovery- focuses on the waist and hip, and Full Body- attention of the entire body from head to toe.


Manual Massage Options

With the OS-PRO Yamato, you can choose between Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling. You can also control the width, strength, time, area of the body including spot and partial massage, heat, and airbag intensity to personalize your massage experience.


Full Body Airbag Massage

The airbag massage system of the Osaki OS-PRO Yamato can provide a stimulating yet relaxing compression massage as the airbag inflate and deflate. The airbag compression massage is designed to help stimulate muscles and improve blood circulation which in turn improves your sense of relaxation and overall well-being. You’ll find airbags in the shoulders, arms, thigh, and calf and foot areas.


Arm Massage

Airbags in the armrests offer a compression massage to your hands and arms which can often be a neglected area. If you’re on a computer much of your day, this will feel incredible.


Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers can connect to your smart device so that you can listen to music, nature sounds, an audiobook, or whatever else you’d like.


Space Saving

The innovative design team created this chair to be space-saving so that it only requires 4” behind the chair to fully recline. As the chair reclines it shifts forward so that you can maximize your floor space.


Additional Features

Who is the Osaki OS-PRO Yamato massage chair for?

The Osaki OS-PRO Yamato is a midsized chair designed for almost everyone between 5'2" to 6' in height, and with a max recommended user weight of 220 lbs. Anyone looking for a medium/strong to intense massage would enjoy this massage chair, especially if you’re looking for something with Bluetooth capabilities.

Who is the Osaki OS-PRO Yamato massage chair NOT for?

While the height range does go up to 6', those with very broad shoulders may feel a little cramped in this massage chair. This massage chair is also not recommended for anyone over 220 lbs.