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Osaki OS-3D PRO Cyber Massage Chair

by Osaki

This product is no longer available.

Osaki OS-3D PRO Cyber Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage chair is designed to provide a modern style to a quality deep tissue massage. With the combined 3D massage with 5 levels of adjustability, and two-stage zero gravity you are sure to experience an incredible massage experience. The Osaki Cyber massage chair also includes other important features like lumbar heat, and Reflexology foot massage rollers to ensure that you get the maximum amount of relief that this massage chair can stuff into your session. Take a look at the features below and current specials above to see if this is the reflexology massage chair for you and your family.

Osaki Cyber Massage Chair Features


Evolved 3D Massage Roller Technology

The Osaki cyber massage chair features the latest in 3D massage roller technology allowing you to control the length, speed, and strength of your massage. These rollers can protrude 8cm from the backrest to deliver a very deep tissue massage to the places you need it most. The 3D massage has 5 different intensity levels allowing you to find the perfect intensity for you. The OS-3D Pro Cyber features dual roller technology that accurately replicates the motions of a human hand on your back and features 5 different setting levels for speed, strength, and 3D protrusion.



Computer Body Scan Technology

This reflexology massage chair features the latest body scanning and mapping technology, and can accurately map and accommodate users up to 6’4”. More accurately mapping the unique curvature of your spine allows the massage chair to provide you with a more effective, and personalized massage in all the places you need it! Body mapping, combined with the zero-gravity technology and enhanced 3D rollers, creates a personalized massage experience similar to having a live masseuse in your home.


Two-Stage Zero Gravity

Zero gravity was introduced by NASA decades ago. The zero gravity position is the perfect position for your massage for a couple of reasons, reclining back in this manner takes the stress of gravity off of your spine and joints which allows them to decompress. This causes the surrounding muscles to relax naturally. Another benefit is that the majority of your body weight is focused on the backrest which improves the deep tissues massage you receive from the back rollers without the massage chair having to work any harder.


Lower Back Heat Therapy

In the lower back region of this reflexology massage chair are two heating pads that deliver heat to the large, often tight muscle groups in your lower back. This combines with the invigorating massage to deliver an improved massage experience. The heat helps loosen tension in the lower back allowing the massage rollers to be more effective in that region.



LED Chromotherapy Lighting

This feature turns on when you first turn your massage chair on. When taking advantage of your new massage chair in a relaxing dark room, the chromotherapy lights fill a dark room with a relaxing blue hue that really sets a soothing mood to further increase the benefit you receive from the massage.


Auto Recline and Leg Extension

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber features a fully automatic recline and leg extension that makes every movement you make in the chair effortless. Using the convenient easy to use remote you can control the foot extension, leg rest, recline of the backrest and zero gravity position to easily find the ideal positioning for your massage.


Acupoint Technology

You have about 350 acupoints across your whole body, with about 100 of them in your neck and back. An acupoint is a point in acupuncture that lies on a meridian where channels of energy flow. In acupuncture, a needle is inserted at an acupoint. In acupressure, the same principles apply (they just don’t use the needles). Massaging these points can accomplish the same goal. The Osaki Cyber has six different massage types to target these acupoints with incredible accuracy bringing the relaxation of your massage to a whole new level. From Palm style, Swedish, combination, deep tissue kneading, to shiatsu massage, you have a variety of techniques to use.


Dual Foot Roller Massagers

A true head to toe massage doesn't leave out the soles of your feet! Located on the bottom of the footrest are two rows of spinning reflexology massage rollers which provide a kneading style massage to the bottom of your feet. For those of you who love a good foot massage, the airbags in the foot area inflate and press your feet down on the massage rollers for an even more vigorous foot massage. For those of you who don't love having your feet massaged, you are able to turn this feature off from the panel remote anytime you like.


MP3 Connection

The Osaki Pro Cyber has a built-in connection for your favorite mp3 device as well as a hideaway pocket to keep it safe while you enjoy your massage. This massage chair features the same serenity dome at the head of the massage chair as the Dreamer massage chair. This is designed to keep the noise and distractions from the rest of the room away from your massage experience. Built-in high-quality speakers direct the music into the chair instead of out into the room, making it much easier to enjoy your massage accompanied by your favorite playlist without disturbing anyone else in the room.


Impressive Full Body Air Compression Massage

The Osaki Cyber massage chair adds a full body air compression massage to the back and reflexology massage. This massage chair has a total of 36 airbags placed throughout the massage chair: With a dual airbag on each shoulder, the upper body airbag massage will push you back into the seat massaging the shoulders, and increasing the effectiveness of the back massage! The airbag system also inflates certain sections independently providing a twisting stretch to the lower back, hips, and thighs. Multiple airbags in the armrest and leg rest provide an air compression massage to your arms, hands, calves, and feet.



Full-Size Easy-to-use Remote

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber massage chair remote has one of the largest viewing screens you will find in a massage chair remote. (5"). Making it easy to see what is going on with your massage and easily control it or make adjustments. The remote easily allows you to make manual adjustments to the massage type, intensity, speed, and location, as well as the area of air massage. Six massage types are available for use and include Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Combination, and Punching.


9 Pre-programmed Massage Programs

Labeled Energy, Deep Press, Relax, Comfort, Stretch, Demo, Full Air, Music Sync, and De-stress. Each program will feature all of the available variations of the massage but will focus on one style more than the rest.


Auto Timer

5-30 minutes of usage can be programmed into your massage. This is a safety measure to ensure that the massage chair will not keep running if the user falls asleep. (Which can cause injury).


osaki pro cyber intensity chart