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Winter Sales Event ❄️! Lowest Price Guaranteed. No Sales Tax.

Ador AD-Infinix Massage Chair

by Ador

This product is no longer available.

Ador AD-Infinix Massage Chair

Ador 3D Allure massage chair

Keep calm in the Ador AD-Infinix massage chair. Designed with enhanced 2D massage, computer body scan, zero gravity, and an extendable footrest, users will achieve ultimate relaxation in the Infinix.

    • Enhanced 2D Massage
    • Computer Body Scan
    • SL-Track Massage
    • 18 Airbag Massage
    • Zero Gravity
    • Space Saving Technology
    • Extendable Footrest up to 8"
    • Calf & Foot Roller
    • Side Controller
    • Bluetooth Speakers
Ador 3D Allure voice control

Enhanced 2D Massage

Ador AD- Infinix is an advanced 2D massage chair with Ergonomic SL-track rolling system. The chair comes equipped with computer body scan system, air massage with 18 airbags, heating on the lumbar, calf and foot roller massage with 8 automatic massage programs.

Computer Body Scan

The Infinix will perform a body scan to map the key areas of the neck and back to ensure the optimal amount of pressure applied during the massage. The scanning technology will detect your shoulders height, which can be re-calibrated once the scan is complete.

Ador 3D Allure body scan system

SL-Track Massage

The Infinix also comes standard with Titan’s latest massage rolling track, which massages from your neck, all the way down to your glutes and upper hamstrings. This is called an “SL” rolling track, and it works with the computer body scan at the beginning of every session to give every user a massage that fits their body.

Ador 3D Allure 21 automatic massage programs descriptions

8 Automatic & 5 Manual Programs

This Chair comes equipped with 8 different preset programs including: Recover, Relief, Stretch, Music Sync, Renew, Calming and Special which has two other automatic programs, Refresh and Energy.

These auto programs combine the 5 different massage techniques available in the chair. These 5 massage styles are: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Knead & Tap and Shiatsu.

Ador 3D Allure air massage locations

Zero Gravity

The Infinix comes with zero gravity, giving the user a weightless feeling during the massage. Zero Gravity gives the user an option on how far back they want their chair to recline automatically, or you can adjust the chair manually in the remote.

Ador 3D Allure 3 step zero gravity positions

Space Saving Recline Technology

Along with the Zero-Gravity recline, the Infinix comes standard with space-saving technology, that allows you to place the chair within 2 inch of the wall, even while fully-reclined. The chair will move out first and then up while moving into Zero-Gravity.

18 Airbag Massage

The stream-lined Airbag design in the Infinix uses 18 airbags, while still giving a full-body air compression massage. This also increases the longevity and reliability of the chair, making sure that you maximize the lifespan of your chair.

Ador 3D Allure heat locations

Heat Therapy on the Back

The Ador Infinix comes with a heating function on the lumbar area. This can be turned on/off in the main menu.

Ador 3D Allure 2 inch space saving

Extendable Footrest up to 8"

The foot component will extend outwards up to 8 inches. Simply apply pressure with your feet to the desired position, and the remote also allows for the user to auto adjust the leg rest to either extend or retract.

Calf & Foot Roller

Located in the back portion of the calf massager are spinning rollers with 3 nodes that provides a smooth kneading style massage. Underneath the feet there are spinning reflexology rollers to provide an outstanding foot massage. The rollers under the feet will travel along the sides and arches of your feet to provide a more dimensional kneading experience.

  • Ador 3D Allure bluetooth speakers
    Easy to use Remote

    The Infinix remote has an easy view screen displaying the function the chair has activated. On the remote it allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed, and location. You can also operate the functions independently in the Manual Mode.

  • Ador 3D Allure side panel
    Side Controller

    Side panel controller is designed that the user can easily control the chair without using a remote controller. The user can adjusting reclining position, Zero Gravity, Auto massage program, Back up & down and Leg up & down.

  • Ador 3D Allure wireless charging location
    Bluetooth Speaker

    Ador Infinix is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to listen to their favorite music and phone calls on high quality speakers in the headrest.