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The Panasonic EP-MAJ7 vs. The Panasonic EP-MA73

panasonic chairs compared

Which Panasonic Is Right For You?

These massage chairs have a lot to offer and are both brought to you by a leading manufacturer, Panasonic. The EP-MA73 & EP-MAJ7 chairs have been made with expert choreography to provide deep tissue massages, but which one is right for you? When you’re searching for L-Track massage, 3D rollers, and want a chair from a manufacturer that’s been making chairs for years both these options could serve your needs. But what makes one better for you over the other?

First, let’s discuss why L-Track massage and 3D rollers are so sought because these features are the main draw of both chairs.

3D Massage Rollers

A 3D massage system is an advancement of the 2D system and is found in the two chairs we’ll be discussing below. The 3D system works deeper into your shoulders and back, massaging well into the muscles for an intense, more productive massage.

These rollers can also project further out from the track and reach places that the ordinary chair usually can’t, especially the upper neck and between the shoulders.

The rollers can travel left and right, up and down, and in and out. This movement serves to replicate the effect of human hands delivering a massage. With 3D massage chairs, you can adjust the intensity of your massage as well. This means you can make it as intense or as gentle as you like, as much as the chair itself allows. If more than one person will be using the chair, this feature is truly beneficial.

L-Track Massage

The way a roller track on a massage chair works is basically like a train. A long roller track extends from the head & neck section down to the lower back and, in the case of an L-Track, the glutes and hamstrings. The rollers guide up and down along the track at the back of the chair like train wheels and from there deliver your massage.

When you’re receiving a massage from a chair, these rollers do the majority of the work, especially on your back. The rollers glide along the track and based on its shape they can work in different areas.

Whether the track is an S or an L will determine where it can massage.

As advancements in massage chairs improved over time, the S-Track was extended into the L-Track. The L-Track can reach beneath the seat to reach the glutes and hamstrings. The first L-Track prototype was an Inada.

However, Inada took time to perfect their chair, and so Infinite Therapeutics, or Infinity, was able to introduce its Iyashi model, which then became the first commercially available massage chair with an L-Track. Since then, the L-Track has become a customer favorite.

S-Track vs. L-Track

So, when you think about the tracks just remember this- the L-Track is an extension of the S-Track that addresses your glutes and the top of the hamstrings. It’s still one continuous roller track that mimics the shape of your spine as an S-Track does.

With the same attention and care the S-Track offers to the neck, mid-back, and lower back, the rollers of an L-Track work the glutes, piriformis, and hamstrings. When you have tight or sore glutes, or if you have piriformis syndrome or sciatica, an L-Track massage chair can be very beneficial.

Something to keep in mind when you’re looking at chairs that most people don’t realize is that when you’re purchasing an L-Track chair, the benefits of an S-Track still persist since the L-Track is just an extension of that track.

Now, let’s discuss what each chair offers and give you a better idea of which one will be right for your needs.

About Panasonic

Panasonic has been a master in developing the most advanced innovations in massage replicating technology for the last 35 years. As the sole collection of massage chairs endorsed by the ACA, you can count on an excellent massage when you sit down in any of their massage chairs. Panasonic massage chairs have been designed to provide precise, in-depth massage strokes for the best deep tissue massage from a chair possible.

The Panasonic EP-MA73

panasonic ep-ma73 feature set

The Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra massage chair was an impassioned upgrade to the EP-MA70. They gathered customer feedback plus a few of their own design upgrades to build a massage chair that combines high-tech features and comfort. As a result, this chair provides the absolute best in technology and has addressed common complaints about typical massage chairs so that you get the best massage experience possible from a home massage chair.

Some of the upgrades made include folding armrests, heated footrests, better neck, shoulder, and pelvis stretch programs for a much deeper sense of relief, and a rotating ottoman.

ACA (American Chiropractic Association) Endorsed

Panasonic massage chairs are the first to be approved by the largest professional association of chiropractic doctors in the world. This was actually the first endorsement given by the ACA in recognition of the numerous health benefits of regular massage and the effects of continued deep-tissue massage relief.



Improved Heated Massage Roller Heads

The Panasonic EP-MA73 massage chair was voted the top massage chair of 2014, and as an improved iteration of the EP-MA70 that came out a couple of years ago, the EP-MA73 improves your overall massage experience, especially the heated massage rollers. These quad-style massage rollers with ceramic heaters built into this high-quality massage chair mimic a hot stone massage. And now, the technology has been revised and improved to make for an incredible experience.

Advanced Body Scanning

The EP-MA73 uses advanced body scanning to generate your unique size and shape so that it can cater the massage to you. When you start a massage program, you’ll feel is the massage heads gliding up and down your back so it can map how tall you are and the unique curvature of your back.

Junetsu Massage

Only found on Panasonic massage chairs, this massage style uses a spiral circular motion that reaches deep down all the way to the bone. This style easily loosens up tense muscles in the shoulders and back to access the deep tissue more quickly. The roller heads are also designed to mimic the feel of a thumb as if an actual masseuse was performing your massage.

Air Compression Massage System

A full-body airbag compression massage works with several parts of the massage chair to improve your massage experience. A total of 33 airbags apply a compression massage to your shoulders, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, and feet, as well as a unique ultra-kneading massage to the hands and forearms. The standard airbag massage system has been broken down into smaller airbags that inflate to re-create the motions of a masseuse. The airbags in the hips and shoulders work with the new heated 3D back massage roller to push you into the backrest for a better massage.

Ultra-Kneading Massage for Arms, Hands, & Feet

The compression in the arms would sometimes hurt certain people when using the massage chair, so instead of the standard compression massage in the arms, the EP-MA73 adds a nice kneading massage to your forearm and wrist area. Unlike any other massage chair in the Real Pro Ultra Collection, or any other massage brand for that matter. The EP-MA73 also incorporates a kneading massage in the sole of the footrest that combines with the heat therapy to bring true unprecedented relief to your feet and lower legs.

The armrests of this high-quality massage chair have been redesigned and had the angles at which they sit adjusted so that the incorporation of kneading into the armrest feels more natural and relaxing. The position is also much more ergonomic for the reclined position, so the ultra kneading in the arms, and position of the body map for the backrest massage stay accurate no matter what position you are relaxing in.

6 Massage Techniques

The EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra features 6 massage techniques that offer different benefits for different parts of your back and body. These techniques are Ultra Kneading, Junetsu, Shiatsu, Rolling, Tapping, and Gentle Kneading

Massage Programs

The EP-MA73 Massage chair has 6 massage programs available to you in addition to various manual adjustments and customizations. These programs use all of the massage styles listed above to deliver on Panasonic's promise of one of the most realistic and complete massage experiences you are going to receive from a massage chair. These programs include Deep, Refresh, Shiatsu, Hip, Lower Back, and Neck/Shoulder.

Heated Foot Massage

One of the biggest complaints consumers had with the Panasonic EP-MA70 massage chair was cold feet when relaxing in the chair barefoot, so heating has been added to the soles of the foot massager in the ottoman and applies a nice heat therapy to your feet and lower legs.

Stretching Programs

Stretching programs have been implemented for the neckline and upper shoulder area. Now the airbags in the headrest grab your head and stretch the neckline area so your massage extends all the way to the top of your spine instead of stopping at the base of your neck.

Body Stretch Programs

Shoulder Blade Stretch - The airbags and massage rollers work together to more easily access the shoulder blade muscles. The airbags keep your shoulders in place while the heated massage roller massages and stretches those often tense muscles between the spine and shoulder blade.

Improved Leg Stretch - Airbags throughout the leg rest inflate to hold and squeeze your leg muscles. The leg rest will even move with certain airbags inflated in an effort to stretch hard to reach muscles that the massage rollers can't access. This program delivers a relaxing lower body massage while still working on your entire upper body.

Improved Pelvic Stretch - This airbag massage routine is ideal for working on the lower back area. Airbags placed in the hip and buttock area inflate to stretch out your hips and lower back, as well as inflating to push your lower back onto the backrest when the massage rollers are in place to improve your lower back massage. This loosens up muscles and helps to relieve back pain.

Improved Neck Massage

The neck massage has been improved! By moving the rollers in a simple 5mm to focus on the center of your neck, the massage effects end up being more profound, and definitely more significant.

Improved Recline Positioning

The auto-positioning of the back and leg rest has evolved to emphasize comfort. Now the leg rest reclined angle matches that of the backrest so your body is in the optimal position at all times and feels not only more comfortable when you are reclined, but also more natural.

Massage Strength and Intensity Adjustments

The airbag compression massage, as well as the roller massage, gives you 5 levels of adjustment. Adjust the intensity of the airbag massage to your liking, as well as the level of 3D massage you receive on your back. Having this manual customization ensures that you are happy with the feel of your massage with every use.

The Panasonic MAJ7

ep-maj7 feature set

The Panasonic MAJ7 is a massage chair that will literally make you feel like you have a personal masseuse in your home. The MAJ7 harnesses the power of modern design and innovative 3D massage systems to deliver the ancient healing art of massage at the press of a button. The Panasonic Real Pro Ultra mechanism is at the heart of the MAJ7’s performance, constantly feeding information to the chair’s Position and Force Micro Processor, adjusting massage movements and pressure based on this real-time feedback. This responsiveness allows the Panasonic MAJ7 to faithfully replicate the intricate kneading movements of a human masseuse and customize the intensity for each user. Sensitive enough to detect tension in your muscles and monitor massage pressure at a rate of 100 times per second, the MAJ7 automatically adjusts to provide the most rejuvenating experience for you. All with a finely crafted style and 3D massage system that’s equally luxurious.




You have roughly 350 acupoints in your body, with nearly 100 in your back and neck. From the soothing palm style of Swedish massage to deep tissue kneading to Shiatsu, the MAJ7 uses a variety of techniques to target acupoints and reinvigorate the body and mind.

Heated Massage Rollers

The massage rollers are designed with built-in ceramic heaters to produce heat therapy everywhere the roller can reach. This feature is truly unique to the MAJ7 and is the highlight feature of its "hot stone" massage experience. A typical massage chair usually provides heat by using stationary heating pads, which can only produce heat to specific areas. These massage rollers provide heat to every muscle they massage, which includes your entire back!

Body Scan Technology

Using pressure sensor technology, the Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair creates a virtual map of your entire back to deliver a massage contoured to your spine’s curves. The 3D massage system features floating massage rollers that glide over each vertebra, knowing precisely where to massage.

Advanced Lower Core Massage

The air cells of the MAJ7’s seat gently lift and reposition your whole body allowing the chair to work the glutes and upper hamstrings effectively. Relief for stiff, tight hips is achieved by targeting the right acupressure points. This is a huge benefit for post-workout massage sessions.

Unique 3D Massage System

The Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair can switch between massage styles, reach above the shoulders, and soothe each square inch of your back. As a result, the MAJ7 can switch between massage styles, reach above the shoulders, and soothe every square inch of your back. The 3D massage on this chair is unlike anything you will find elsewhere.

Intensity Sensing and Adjustments

The individual massage features of the MAJ7 are adjustable from gentle to firm. The intensity of air cell compression, foot massage, and roller massage are each independently controlled. Up to three users can program and save their favorite settings to get a truly custom massage experience for your entire family.

Professional Sole Massage

Deep, therapeutic massage is delivered to the soles of your feet by fusion of cutting-edge technology and reflexology techniques. Full coverage air cells hold your foot in place as the 3D massage system replicates the hand movements of a professional reflexologist. Capable of plantar arch massage, sole kneading, and sole shiatsu, the sole mechanism in this 3D massage system can adjust the intensity and style to suit you. The intense massage found in the MAJ7 is unique to this chair and a step up from the MA73. However, since this massage has been upgraded, this chair does not provide a rotating ottoman.

Massage Programs

The Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair comes with six automatic programs that can be combined to create the ultimate personalized massage experience, including Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder and Lower back. Six manual programs include Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, Rolling, and Tapping.

Deciding Factors

best choice for you

These two chairs are very similar and provide similar features including comfortable recline, 3D massage, airbag massage, foot massage, heated massage rollers, and technology backed by the American Chiropractic Association. However, there are a few deciding factors that can sway you from one chair to the other. 

The EP-MAJ7 offers a better foot massage than the MA73, however, it cannot provide a rotating ottoman, which can be desirable if you’re looking for a chair that can look sleeker and provide a traditional reclining experience. If you work on your feet all day, walk or run often, or deal with lower extremity swelling or numbness, the enhanced MAJ7 foot massage could be an excellent option for you.

The chairs do both offer the hidden arm massagers and a less bulky look than other massage chairs. They also both have heated massage rollers and provide very in-depth massages. The MAJ7 also provides an advanced lower core massage which is especially nice for those who have sciatica. 

When it really comes down to it, your budget and what you really want from the chair is going to make your decision for you. The EP-MA73 is typically thousands less than the MAJ7 and while it doesn’t provide as intense a foot massage it is still an excellent chair. However, as we said if that foot massage is very important to you, that can be worth the $2,000 right there. Additionally, the EP-MAJ7 has also been designed with such precise mechanisms that it has been shown doing calligraphy at the CES Convention.

Let your desires be the guide and go with the chair that calls to you most.

If you have any questions about these massage chairs or any others on our site, you can contact us over the phone or through email at We can also offer you financing options that can make taking home either of the best-sellers much more doable. After all, nothing should stand between you and ultimate relaxation.