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The Infinity Smart Chair vs. the Bodyfriend Palace II

smart chair x3 vs palace ii

The Infinity Smart Chair X3 vs. the Bodyfriend Palace II

When you’re comparing the Infinity Smart Chair X3 and the Bodyfriend Palace II, understanding what sets them apart will be how you make your decision. Which of these relatively expensive massage chairs will give you the experience you want? These chairs provide an S-Track or L-Track massage, and there are some supplementary features that differ as well.

Let’s start with understanding the most important feature- the massage track.


The S-Track, named after the S-shape of the human spine, is the standard track found in a massage chair. The S-Track rollers move up and down your back without losing contact with you as they follow the natural curvature of your spine.

It moves more forward at your neck and lower back and comes back a bit at the middle back and tailbone so that you receive the most comfortable, most effective massage. Spines aren’t straight lines, after all, so you don’t want the track to be a straight line. This is the track in the Smart Chair X3.


As developments in massage chairs progress further, the S-Track was extended into the L-Track. The L-Track can travel down the spine under the seat to the glutes and hamstrings. The first L-Track prototype was an Inada.

However, Inada took time to perfect their chair, and because of this Infinity launched its Iyashi model, the first commercially available L-Track massage chair. More and more models have come out since then, and many have started to implement the extended L-Track for greater massage coverage. This is the track in the Palace II.

S-Track vs. L-Track

When you’re examining each track, think of it this way. The L-Track is an extension of the S-Track that massages your seat and hamstrings. It can work the glutes, piriformis, and hamstrings just as effectively as the neck, mid-back, and lower back. Before the L-Track was created, these areas could only be reached by airbags.

If you suffer from tight or sore glutes or have sciatica or piriformis syndrome, an L-Track could be a great addition to your massage chair. And remember, an L-Track massage chair still delivers the benefits of an S-Track. After all, the L-Track is just an extension of the S-Track.

Now, let’s take a look at what these specific chairs offer.

Infinity Smart Chair X3

smart chair x3 feature set

The Infinity Smart Chair X3 is sleek and sophisticated. It features advanced 3D technology with five levels of intensity and three unique 3D auto programs. It also offers convenient Bluetooth®, a mobile app available for both Apple® and Android™ devices, and many top-notch features like lumbar heat, chromotherapy, soothing foot rollers, and a powerful deep tissue massage.


Zero Gravity

Zero gravity, backed by NASA, helped astronauts mitigate stress on the body as they launched into space. Now, the same benefits of Zero-G raise your legs above your heart and promote improved circulation to lessen gravity's influence on your spine and joints. You’ll receive spine decompression and a relaxing feeling of weightlessness.

Spinal Correction

Powerful stretching techniques decompress the spine even more and help it to shift into the correct position. Alleviate pain after a long day and help your spine to find its correct alignment.

Waist Twist

An alternative to the spinal correction is the waist twist. As the seat swivels from side to side in a twisting motion it stretches your lower back and hip muscles. This can loosen up your lumbar region and hips to alleviate lower back pain. There are three levels of adjustable speeds so that you can choose the best setting for your needs.

Optical Body Scanning Technology

With every program option on the Smart Chair, the massage rollers glide up your back to map your unique shape and curves, customizing its massage to your needs and to virtually every body shape. Body Scan technology is a staple in modern massage chairs, and the Smart Chair has mastered it.

Four-Wheel Mechanism

The Smart Chair's rollers feature four massage heads that mimic the feel of human hands. There are three levels of width adjustment as well as six adjustable speed levels. This type of massage roller is advanced and quickly becoming a staple in nearly every modern chair.

S-Style Massage Track

s-track massage

An S-Track travels down the curvature of your spine for optimum comfort for a uniform massage across your entire back, including frequently neglected areas like your lower back and upper shoulders. When used together with the therapeutic heat, it'll be a dream come true.

Airbag Massage System

The Smart Chair's airbags are strategically placed to provide a compression massage to your hands, arms, legs, shoulders, calves, and feet. The system works together with the back and foot rollers by inflating and deflating in perfect rhythm. You’ll feel like your getting a strong hand massage.

Lumbar Heat

Heat therapy quickly loosens up stiff muscles. The modules in the lumbar areas to help ease tension in the large muscle groups in this area. Your back massage and stretch programs will be even more effective thanks to the heat warming up your muscles, increasing the benefits of your massage.

Reflexology Foot Rollers

The built-in rollers in the footrest replicate the thumb and finger techniques used in reflexology. The rollers work your pressure points connected to health throughout your body and provide an incredible massage. With the calf air massage working your lower legs and ankles, you'll be in heaven.

Intuitive Remote

The easy to use remote offers quick access to everything you need to personalize your massage. There are four automatic massage programs and six massage styles to choose from.

6 Massage Techniques

Six techniques are offered that include Kneading – deep strokes that focus on stretching the muscle, Tapping – quick, light taps on either side of your back to relax muscles, Dual – dual combines Kneading and Tapping, Knocking – similar to Tapping though this style alternates sides, Shiatsu – firm strokes across the muscle that loosen up tense muscles, Synchronic - connect music to the Smart Chair and your massage will map the beats.

4 Auto Programs

The auto programs include Recover – full body massage ideal for post-workout recovery, Refresh – ideal for when you first wake up in the morning, meant to revitalize and refresh the body, Extend – a full body massage that focuses on deep tissue massage and stretching, and Relax – a lighter massage that helps you relax right before sleep.

Chromotherapy Lights


The Smart Chair features chromotherapy lights on either side of the chair near the headrest that use color to help balance your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental energy.

Sync Technique

With the sync technique, you can coordinate your massage with the rhythm of your music.


Built with convenience in mind, this chair provides Bluetooth® compatibility. It can even be controlled through the mobile app, available for both Apple® and Android™ devices.

Now let’s look at the Bodyfriend Palace II.

Bodyfriend Palace II

bodyfriend palace II feature set

The Bodyfriend Palace II massage chair features an L-Track that allows the rollers to massage from your neck and underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs. The rollers also offer 4D capabilities with a rotating head with a four-ball or a two-ball massage when needed. The new exclusive brain massage programs also help to relax your mental and emotional status.


4D XD Massage

The 4D massage alternates from a quad-style roller to a dual-head roller. This functionality provides deep kneading for the back and then adjusts to concentrate on the shoulders. It also has five levels of adjustable intensity.


sl-track palace II

The SL-Track gives you the benefits of an S-Track that contours your spine and the benefits of an L-Track that travels down underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs.

Automatic Body Scanning

The automatic body scanning sensors on the back rollers accurately locate your shoulders to provide a tailored massage. Once complete, you can tweak the shoulder position more if adjustment is needed.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity position distributes your weight evenly, minimizing the effects of gravity on your body. By elevating your legs above your heart, you’ll experience increased circulation and a more intense massage.

Calf & Foot Massage

The calf roller is designed to reduce swelling, while the compression massage kneads both sides of the calves and feet. The reflexology roller applies an acupressure massage that targets acupoints in your feet. Plus, you can adjust the intensity through three levels.

Auto Programs

The Palace II has 16 automatic programs to soothe away aches and pains. 

  • Waist-Focused
  • Neck/Shoulder
  • Recovery
  • Stretch
  • Rest
  • Refresh
  • Auto Upper
  • Auto Lower
  • Office
  • Hip-Up
  • Athlete
  • Adolescent
  • Rejuvenate
  • Lymphatic
  • Low Lymphatic
  • Digestive

Brain Massage Program

Bodyfriend has exclusive massage modes that combine massage and binaural beat healing music to improve brain activity. A binaural beat is a third sound created in the brain when two sounds with varying frequencies enter each ear. This aligns with brainwaves to allow the body to experience a deeper level of relaxation and heighten concentration.

Massage Techniques

shiatsu massage techniques

The Palace II can perform kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, acupressure, and rhythmic.

Air Compression Massage

The airbags apply a compression massage to the shoulders, waist, arms, hips, calves, and feet. You can independently adjust each region through five intensity levels.

Automatic Leg Extension

The leg extension is fully powered and automatically adjusts up to 8 inches to accommodate taller users.

Space-Saving Technology

The Zero-Wall feature automatically slides the chair forward when it’s reclined so that it doesn’t take up as much room in your home.

Lumbar Heat

The Palace II has heat in the lumbar area to loosen up tight muscles and warm your core for better circulation with three levels of intensity.

Bluetooth Speakers

bluetooth technology

You can sync your mobile device with Bluetooth to play music through the chair to enhance your massage.

USB Port Charging

While you’re relaxing in your chair, you can charge your device with the supplied USB Port.

Slim LCD Remote

The remote is a slim LCD remote that displays the functions and gives you access to the menu for more features and functions.

Deciding Factors

best choice for you

When choosing between these two chairs, the massage experience you’re searching for is the most important factor in your purchase. Both of these chairs extend similar massage experiences, some of the same features, but their massage tracks and some of the additional features differ.

The Smart Chair offers an S-Track with a 3D massage experience. You’ll find Bluetooth, heat, a sync massage, a four-wheel massage mechanism, and body scanning. It can provide an excellent massage. The Palace II also offers Bluetooth, heat, a sync massage, a four-wheel mechanism, and body scanning. It also provides the ability to adjust to a two-wheel mechanism, USB charging, brain massage, and a bit more in the way of supplementary features. 

The Palace II is also a bit more expensive. The experience that you want from your chair will determine the type of massage you want. Do you want the best in additional features and an L-Track? Then the Palace II is for you. If you’re looking to save a bit of money and don’t need or want the extended track, the S-Track Smart Chair X3 would be a “smart” choice for you.

What it all comes down to, as it does with most purchases, is your personal preference in a massage. If you have any questions about these massage chairs or any others on our site, you can contact us over the phone or through email at We can also offer you financing options that can make taking home either of the best-sellers much more doable. After all, nothing should stand between you and ultimate relaxation.