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Osaki OS-4000LS Massage Chair Review

osaki os-4000ls massage chair review

The Osaki’s OS-4000LS has taken all the impressive features of the 4000 series and packed them into one great chair. Adding the option for an adjustable shoulder massage is going to give the extra-long L-Track massage system an added boost. Now you are going to get a full massage from your neck all the way down to your upper thigh. Joined with the zero gravity position of the chair it creates the highest level of relaxation.

L-Track Massage System

The L track massage recliner is an important innovation that extends the surface area that your back massage covers down past your lower back, through your glutes all the way to your upper thighs. This important feature of the Osaki OS-4000LS massage chair increases the total surface area of your back massage by about 30% which provides more relief and more value for your investment.

Zero Gravity

The Osaki OS-4000LS massage chair offers zero gravity positioning at the push of a button. As you recline into this position your legs are raised to the level of your heart in an effort to remove the pressure of gravity from your joints and spine. This allows your joints and muscles to decompress and relax which deepens the overall effect you receive from your Osaki 4000LS.

Foot Massager

The foot massager is pushed up against your feet so you can get the most out of your foot massage. Combined with the air compression system it creates a tremendously fulfilling experience. The spring-loaded ottoman allows you to adjust the footrest to suit your height and then keeps it in place. The spring establishes just the right amount of tension to create an enjoyable foot massage. One of the main differences between the Osaki OS-4000LS massage chair and the OS-4000CS is the new reflexology foot massage rollers that have been added to the footrest. They apply a kneading style massage to the sole of your foot. This helps create deep relaxation from head to toe.


Adding heat to a massage really enhances your massage experience. Lumbar heating will help loosen up those lower back muscles and allow the L-track to work out all the problems. The body scan that is performed once you sit in the chair is going to ensure that your body gets the utmost amount of attention

Adjustable Shoulder Massagers

One of the most popular complaints about massage chairs is that the shoulder massagers feel a little too constricting and make the massage experience a little too uncomfortable. In the Osaki OS-4000LS massage chair, you can adjust the width of the shoulder massagers to better fit your size. This ensures that your shoulder massage is comfortable and not constricting no matter how short or tall you are. No one would want a massage chair that will not even reach a key part of their body.

Space Saving Technology

The Osaki OS-4000LS massage chair is a space-saving massage chair. Many massage chairs can require a significant amount of room behind the chair to fully recline, so you are forced to place your chair anywhere up to 2-3 feet away from the wall so you don't have to worry about scratches on your chair or the wall. The Osaki 4000LS only requires about 4" behind the chair to fully recline thanks to this technology. As the chair reclines the base slides forward to minimize the necessary space behind the chair.

Full-Body Airbag Massage

Airbags have been placed throughout the massage chair to provide a compression massage to different parts of your body as well as complement your back massage by pressing you into the backrest. 24 airbags are located in the shoulders, lumbar, waist, arms, hands, legs, and feet that help to alleviate tension and promote circulation through your body.

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