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Luraco Massage Chairs | Made in USA

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Luraco Technologies is a well-known corporation with its military research and development, providing for the United States military. Now, you can use their advancements in the form of high tech massage chair technology right in your own home. The Luraco iRobotics line offers state-of-the-art technology in its USA made massage chairs, the Model 3, i9Max, i9Max Special Edition, and i9 Max Royal, and Billionaire Editions, which were researched, designed, and made in the USA.

Since its founding over ten years ago, Luraco has been an impressive technology innovator with a purpose to research, develop, and manufacture advanced products for military and commercial sectors. Today, as a worldwide leader in robotic massage chair design and development, Luraco brings together its high-tech expertise and experience with innovative technologies so that customers get unsurpassed quality and performance from its products.

Luraco Technologies is proud to be the manufacture of the first and only American-Made massage chairs on the market. Committed to assisting their customers all over the world, Luraco produces the best robotic massage systems that will take the user's expectations and wellness to a whole new level.

These are also the only medical massage chairs that we carry which can support users up to 6'10" tall and that weight up to 300 pounds. Attach the optional heart rate and blood pressure monitor to the i9 Max and experience the health benefits of Luraco massage chairs for yourself.

UL, FDA, & CE Listed

Luraco massage chairs are the only massage chairs that have the UL, FDA, and CE listing and designation making them perfect for the commercial setting. They even come with their own commercial warranty, where other brands do not!

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