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Luraco Massage Chair Comparison

Model 3 i9 Max Plus i9Max Plus SE
Wireless Remote Controller
Patented Powered Easy-Entry Armrests
Adjustable Positions for Armrest
for Spot-On Hand Massages
Patented Split L-Track
Patented 3D Butterfly Technology
Over-The-Air (OTA) WiFi Unlimited Software Update
Adjustable Positions for Shoulder & Bicep Massages
Automotive Leather For Entire Chair
Patented Noise Reduction Technology
Arm and Hand Rollers
Tripled Foot Rollers
Unique and Advanced Body Stretching Technique
Calf Rollers
Heat Zones (Lower back, Hands, Feet) Without Hands
Warm Chair - Warm Body
5 Level Adjustable Intensity Settings for 6 Body Areas
Touch Screen Remote Control
Unique Tapping Rythms
(Constant, Percussion, Variable)
Adjustable Tapping and Kneading Speeds
Zero Gravity
Body Twisting Stretch
Hand and Arm Stretching Massage by Powered Actuators Without Actuator
Foot and Spinal Stretch
Achilles Massage Nodes
5 User Memory Saving Profiles
Customizable Individual Body Part Massage
Body Scan
Automatic Leg Length Adjustment
Pause Function
Sleep Mode
Bluetooth Speaker (10W)
Intelligent Self-Diagnostics
Human Voice Response in English, Vietnamese,
Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish
Number of Robotic Engines With
Patented "3D Butterfly Technology"
1 1 2
Patented Emergency Backup Power
Wireless Phone charging
Cusomized Keypad to Owners Name
(20 characters)
Cusomized Leather Name Tag to Owners Name
(20 characters)"
Luraco Blood Pressure Monitor
Made in USA
UL Listed & FDA Registered
Chair Dimensions - Upright 48"H x 38"W x 65"L 48"H x 38"W x 65"L 48"H x 38"W x 65"L
Chair Dimensions - Reclined 47"H x 38"W x 87"L 47"H x 38"W x 87"L 47"H x 38"W x 87"L
Track Distance 60" 60" 60"
Seat Width 22" 22" 22"
Color Options Black, Choc, Cream Black, Choc, Cream Black, Choc, Cream
Number of Auto Pre-programs 9 9 9
Number of Massage Air Cells 100 100 100
Number of Motors 12 12 16
Recommended User Size up to 6'10", 300 lbs up to 6'10", 300 lbs up to 6'10", 300 lbs
Power Consumption 200W (max) 200W (max) 200W (max)
Chair Weight 260 LBS 280 LBS 310 LBS
Number of Boxes 1 1 1
Pallet Dimensions 55 X 40 X 61 55 X 40 X 61 55 X 40 X 61
Pallet Weight 380 LBS 380 LBS 410 LBS
Shipping Class 175 175 175