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Human Touch Sana vs. OS-4000CS

sana vs 4000cs

Choosing between the Human Touch Sana & the Osaki OS-4000CS 

When comparing massage chairs, particularly entry-level chairs, some features can make or break your decision. When you look at the Human Touch Sana and the Osaki OS-4000CS, the style of massage they provide and the bonus features included differ greatly. Which of these $3,000 plus massage chairs will provide the massage you want? Which is the right one for you? These chairs both provide L-Track massage, however, there are some additional features that you’ll only find in one or the other.

Let’s take a look, and start with the most important feature- the massage track.


l-track massage

As developments in massage chairs continue, the S-Track was extended into the L-Track. The L-Track was first seen years back and people could see its ability to travel down the spine under the seat to the glutes and hamstrings. That chair was an Inada, the first manufacturer to showcase an L-Track prototype.

Inada took time to perfect their chair, however, and because of this Infinity introduced its Iyashi model, the first commercially available L-Track massage chair.

More and more models have come out since then, and many have started to provide the extended L-Track for greater massage coverage.

S-Track vs. L-Track

When you’re examining each track, think of it this way. The L-Track is an extension of the S-Track that addresses the seat and top of the hamstrings. It can work the glutes, piriformis, and hamstrings just as powerfully as the neck, mid-back, and lower back. In the past when there was no L-Track, these areas could only be reached by airbags.

If you suffer from tight or sore glutes, or if you have sciatica or piriformis syndrome, an L-Track could be a very important feature to you.

And remember, an L-Track massage chair still delivers the benefits of an S-Track chair. After all, the L-Track is just an extension of the S-Track.

Now, let’s take a look at space-saving since that’s another important feature found in the Osaki OS-4000CS.

What Does Space Saving Mean?

Most massage chairs, particularly those with many features and leg massage ottomans, require a great deal of space in your home. And that’s before you lay back in them.

When you’re reclining in a massage chair, which is every time you use it, you want to be able to do so without making the area impassable. Plus, depending on your home, you may also have an area where reclining a massage chair to its full length is impossible because of how much space that takes up.

That’s where space-saving comes into play.

Who is a Space-Saving Chair Made for?

space savings os-4000cs

Space-saving technology was created to shrink the amount of space necessary to fully recline the massage chair. There are various models available at MassageChairPlanet.Com that can recline fully in just a few inches, one of which is the OS-4000CS.

This is perfect when you have a smaller room or you simply don’t want your chair to take up so much space when in use. Some massage chairs only require a few inches to recline while some will still need around 12 inches to do so. When you have limited space, this feature is huge. No pun intended.

Now, let’s take a look at what these specific chairs offer.

Human Touch Sana

sana feature set

When you first look at the Human Touch® Sana it seems quite simple, but dive in a bit deeper and you’ll see so much more than just a stylish frame. Sana means health in Latin, and it’s quite fitting for a chair that provides the therapeutic benefits of an S/L-Track massage.

The track follows along the curvature of your spine and extends down from your neck and to your glutes and thighs. With nine auto programs, including Full Body Massage, Stretch, and Recovery, everyday stress doesn’t stand a chance.

Let’s take a close look at the Sana’s features for this comparison.


9 Auto-Wellness Programs

The Sana is has nine auto-wellness programs including Full-Body, Stretch, and Recovery.

S/L-Track Massage

sana s/l-track

The S/L-Track offers the up close massage of an S-Track with the extended length of an L-Track. This is the best in massage track technology.

Extended Foot & Calf Massager

Under-foot rollers offer the highest-quality reflexology and the adjustable intensity in the calves and feet delivers a personalized massage. Plus, the leg rest can extend to suit your height.

Dual Lumbar Heat

Gently soothe away back pain and loosen tight muscles with the therapeutic lumbar heat.

Zero Gravity

Cradling your back and elevating your legs above your heart, the zero gravity position is recommended by physicians as the healthiest way to sit and heightens your massage experience.

Bluetooth Speakers

sana bluetooth speakers

When you connect your smart device to the built-in speakers via Bluetooth you can enjoy a guided meditation, soothing music, or whatever you desire during your massage.

Built-In USB Port

Use the built-in USB port to charge your devices so that your devices never run out of juice.

Cloud Touch Acupressure

Targeted air cells apply pressure to key healing points and massage your body to stretch your muscles.

Advanced LCD Remote

Easily control the chair’s full suite of programs and features with the intuitive navigation control, featuring a crystal-clear LCD screen. You can change intensity settings, massage speeds, and more all to customize your massage.

Now let’s look at the Osaki OS-4000CS.

Osaki OS-4000CS

4000cs feature set

The Osaki OS-4000CS is an upgrade to the best-selling OS-4000T. With a new design and some wonderful innovations, the OS-4000CS delivers on Osaki's promise of an incredible massage experience right from home.



The OS-4000CS offers a 42" L-Track that comfortably reaches from neck to upper thigh on most users. The L-track increases the overall surface area of your back massage and provides much better support for the neck and lower back areas so that you can sit more comfortably. The L-track provides a uniform massage across your entire back and improves your overall back health by allowing the massage rollers access to each vertebra individually.

Space-Saving Technology

space saving

Space-saving technology allows the Osaki OS-4000CS to fully recline in just 4". If space in your home or office comes at a premium, this massage chair is for you.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Heat is an important part of any massage experience. Located in the lumbar area are two heating pads that apply gentle heat therapy to your lower back. This feature goes a long way to help soothe lower back pain and loosen up tense muscles.

Zero Gravity Position

The OS-4000CS provides zero gravity to improve your massage experience. Introduced by NASA, this position reduces stress on your joints and spine as it elevates your legs above your heart. This release decompresses your spine. Plus, now your weight is focused on the backrest, improving the intensity of your back massage without the massage chair having to work harder.

Adjustable Width Shoulder Massage

The OS-4000CS offers an adjustable shoulder massage that’s designed to address one of the most common complaints in the OS-4000T. This shoulder massage much roomier, so anyone no matter how broad or narrow their shoulders are can sit comfortably and receive a great massage.

Six Automatic Programs

There are six automatic programs that combine different massage styles in unique ways to provide relief throughout your body. This includes a unique hip swing feature that helps loosen your lower back muscles. The OS-4000CS includes four of the most popular massage styles as well as the ability to combine them for an enhanced manual mode. These styles are Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling.

Full-Body Airbag System

Like most massage chairs, the OS-4000CS is outfitted with a full-body airbag system that provides a comfortable compression massage throughout your body. The difference in the OS-4000CS is that it only uses 24 airbags to cover the same amount of surface area. This means there are fewer valves and less stress on the mechanisms for a more durable, quieter massage chair.

Shoulder & Arm Airbag Massage

The OS-4000CS massage chair features airbags in the shoulders and armrest for a compression massage that promotes circulation through your arms and hands. The airbags in the shoulders squeeze your shoulders together and press you back on the backrest for a deeper massage.

Waist Airbag Massage

waist airbags

Airbags in the hip and waist area squeeze while pressing your lower back in the backrest to improve your lower back massage. These airbags also come into play during any twisting and stretching programs.

Legs & Foot Airbag Massage

The OS-4000CS has airbags in the legs and feet to promote circulation and apply a squeezing massage to your feet that press them down on rollers in the footrest to help stimulate acupressure points throughout your foot.

Spring-Loaded Footrest Extension

The footrest in the OS-4000CS is easily extendable to accommodate taller users. Just press your feet down and relax when it’s at a comfortable extension. The spring action ensures your foot massage stays uniform no matter how far the ottoman is extended.

Body Scanning

The massage rollers glide up your back to map your unique curves and the height of your shoulders to ensure that no matter what massage routine you choose, it will feel personalized to you and hit you in the right places.

Deciding Factors

best choice for you

When choosing between these two chairs, the type of massage experience you want will determine which chair is right for you. Do you want a massage with tons of customization options through the many programs? This is important because the OS-4000CS offers several more programs and manual combinations.

Additionally, do you need a chair that frees up space in your home? Because then you’ll need the OS-4000CS that provides space-saving technology. Both the chairs offer zero gravity and a good stretch massage, but the Sana provides Bluetooth speakers for a more personalized, sound-filled experience.

The last difference is the OS-4000CS provides waist airbag massage that can help with lower back pain, sciatica, and waist twisting or stretching.

What it all comes down to, as it does with most purchases, is your personal preference in a massage. Do you want an L-Track or an L-Track with space-saving? Do you want a waist twist or is it more important to have a chair with Bluetooth speakers? Which experience are you looking for?

Most customers have begun to lean toward the L-Track with more programs, and if both chairs are the same price, then why not go for the one that has a bit more to offer? The OS-4000CS might be a better option.

If you have any questions about these massage chairs or any others on our site, you can contact us over the phone or through email at We can also offer you financing options that can make taking home either of the best-sellers much more doable. After all, nothing should stand between you and ultimate relaxation.