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Hutech Kai Massage Chairs

Hutech KAI Massage Chairs

  • Original price $11,000.00
    Original price $11,000.00 - Original price $11,000.00
    Original price $11,000.00
    Current price $9,999.00
    $9,999.00 - $9,999.00
    Current price $9,999.00

    KAI GTS9 Massage Chair

    Hutech KAI

    KAI GTS9 Massage Chair Innovative. Relaxing. Beautiful. The latest and most sophisticated expression of KAI’s commitment to mas...

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  • Original price $10,500.00
    Original price $10,500.00 - Original price $10,500.00
    Original price $10,500.00
    Current price $8,999.00
    $8,999.00 - $8,999.00
    Current price $8,999.00

    KAI GTS7 Massage Chair

    Hutech KAI

    KAI GTS7 Massage Chair Innovative. Relaxing. Beautiful. The GTS7 is the outcome of KAI’s commitment to improve your life throug...

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Hutech KAI Massage Chairs

Hutech KAI, will delight and surprise you with innovative, compelling enhancements to the massage chair experience. Hutech is a Korean leader in massage chair research & development, intently focused on the goal of improving the lives of people everywhere.

Key Features

Sonic Wave Technology

A symphonic revolution of sound and motion, KAI’s 3DS Art Motion proprietary Sonic Wave technology blends the movements of the massage rollers with a range of low-frequency sound waves that penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than is possible with any conventional massage engine.

hutech sonic wave technology
hutch body scanning technology

Body Scan with Precision Massage Customization

The GTS7 automatically measure your body prior to each session, customizing the motions and acoustic vibrations of the 3DS Art Motion engine across 140 distinct body zones to provide a massage tailored to each user’s unique body profile.

3DS Art Motion

KAI’s 3DS Art Motion engine combines mechanical 3D roller motions with proprietary Sonic Wave technology to provide a uniquely versatile range of massage experiences, from delicately soothing to deeply therapeutic.

hutech 3ds art motion mechanical 3d rollers with sonic wave technology
hutech music sync technology with vibration and movements

Music Sync

Transform your state of mind and body with a masterfully orchestrated fusion of music, motion and acoustic vibration. The movements and sonic vibration of the 3DS Art Motion Engine are carefully choreographed to five pre-loaded songs ranging from meditative to energizing. Or pair with any Bluetooth-enabled audio device to create a custom experience.

About Hutech KAI

KAI is a member of the Hutech family and the embodiment of Korean massage chair expertise and innovation. We lead the way in research & development to deliver cutting-edge massage technology that improves your rest, wellness, and quality of life.

Hutech’s mission is to help people relax, rejuvenate, and live better lives.
Hutech is the designer, manufacturer, and leader of the Korean massage chair industry. As well as an innovator in health products designed to look good in your home, improve your comfort, and enhance your health and wellness, Hutech excels at providing more enjoyable comfort and creating happier customers while improving their health & well-being.

High-tech expertise and experience with superior technologies, Hutech combines its rich high-tech expertise and experience with superior technologies to bring its loyal customers unsurpassed quality and performance in its wellness products.

Hutech established the “HBLS,” the Hutech body leveling system, and ‘SWMS,” the Sonic Wave Massage System, which is the advanced concept of technology in the entire massage industry.

Operating since 2006, Hutech has been rapidly developing and expanding its Korean massage chair design and manufacturing business. Hutech accumulated R&D investments to establish a global healthcare specialized company. Now, Hutech strives to be the best manufacturer in the Korean healthcare industry.

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