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Introducing: The Synca Kurodo

Introducing: The Synca Kurodo

From a leader in ergonomically correct massage chairs, we’ve introduced to the site the new Synca Kurodo massage chair. A commercial option when you’re looking to up the ante in your own establishment.

First, let’s take a look at what Synca as a company is all about.

Synca Massage Chairs

When you’re searching for a massage chair that works your whole body, look no further than the Synca Massage Chairs. Whether you’re looking for something for your home or business, Synca has something for you.

With the tapping and kneading functions, in addition to several options that you can personalize, Synca chairs can assist you to relax and loosen up the muscles that are causing so many of your aches and pains. 

And when you’re looking to introduce a massage chair, or a few, into your workplace or club, a Synca Kurodo can be an excellent choice as it was built to sustain all the wear-and-tear that a frequently used chair undergoes. Plus, Synca offers a special commercial warranty on this model as well. 

The Kurodo

The Kurodo by Synca Wellness is a genuine executive-level commercial massage chair. The performance and quality of the back massage are some of the best on the market. In fact, many say the Kurodo is in a category of its own and superior to any other massage chair you may have tried in the mall or at the airport.

You’ll find:

  • Adjustable Massage Strength by Region (Back, Lower Body & Upper Body Compression)
  • 4D Commercial Grade Deep Tissue Hitachi Made Massage Robot
  • 17 Massage Techniques
  • 4 Auto Courses
  • 28 Commercial Grade Compression Cells
  • Power Incline and Recline
  • Commercial Grade Synthetic Leather
  • Authentic Made in Japan Features

World's Highest Performance Commercial Massage Chair

The accuracy of the Hitachi-made massage robot and CPU within the chair itself, the quality of the Japanese massage techniques employed, and the therapeutic deep tissue massage capabilities all surpass other commercial massage chairs currently on the market.

This high-quality massage chair is wrapped in commercial-grade synthetic leather created to handle prolonged high-level, continuous usage without tearing. The exposed breathable fabrics normally found in an at-home massage chair have been removed wherever possible to make for easy-to-clean, more hygienic surfaces. The easy-to-use controller makes getting your massage session going as simple as hitting the power button. However, it does leave just enough user customization available for a discerning person to optimize their massage for their own needs.

In this chair you'll get a superior, customized massage using two unique body scan methods and be able to control the chair through nearly five inches of 3D adjustment that allows users to dial the pressure up or down.

The air massage compression intensity is also independent for the different areas, so you can achieve your ideal massage, which is particularly nice when you’ll be having several different types of people enjoying the chair. You’ll find airbags in the:

  • Shoulder Massage
  • Arm Massage
  • Waist and Pelvic Massage
  • Leg and Foot Massage
  • Calf Muscle Massage

The Kurodo also includes a power stretch setting, shiatsu reflexology foot rollers, and the following:




The Kurodo by Synca Wellness is an executive-level commercial-grade massage chair, if you are looking for a chair for your home look at the Synca Wellness JP1100. The Kurodo by Synca Wellness is designed for usage in a premium commercial setting such as a commercial fitness facility (gym), vertical luxury housing (condo/apartment), office, business, call center, or employee breakroom. If you were thinking your facility should have a massage chair, look no further, you’ve found the best.

Perfect for Your Business

Companies that have massage chairs in their break rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, etc. go a long way in improving and bolstering their corporate culture and transforming it into one that embraces a relaxed atmosphere and employee happiness, which can make HR’s job of creating the best environment for healthy employees that much easier. 

It’s also the perfect addition to a club or resort-like setting where you’re looking to increase your amenities and provide a higher tier offering that allows you to make additional revenue by creating a desirable step up from the basic facilities. This can be perfect for a gym, wellness center, or therapeutic rehabilitation center.

Check out the Synca Kurodo for your business today!

If you have any questions about this massage chair or would like to learn about getting massage chairs for your business, give us a call or send an email at We’re happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect way to increase the relaxation and luxury in your business.

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