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Panasonic EP-MA70 vs. Infinity Iyashi Massage Chairs Comparison

Panasonic EP-MA70 vs. Infinity Iyashi Massage Chairs Comparison

Panasonic EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra vs. Infinity Iyashi Massage Chairs Comparison

Comparing massage chairs that offer a lot of the same technology and provide a similar look can be easy, but when you have two completely different massage chairs that provide a quality massage experience is several different ways, narrowing down the important aspects can be troublesome. We have this type of comparison between the Pansonic EP-MA70 and the Infinity Iyashi.


The looks of these two massage chairs will never be mistaken for one another, as they are both very distinguishable. The craftsmanship and design are distinctive. The EP-MA70 can sit in your living room like any normal recliner while there is no doubt the Iyashi is absolutely a massage chair. The Panasonic EP-MA70 comes in a sleek black and a cool white leatherette finish, whereas the Infinity Iyashi is offered in 5, two-tone color schemes, black & caramel, white & caramel, white & black, white & berry red, and all black.


Since these two massage chairs are so very different I will do away with the similarities and only focus this article on the differences in technology and functionality.

Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair Features

Heat Therapy In Backrest

Heated ceramic rollers are designed into this massage chair, so you are not only going to receive heat therapy to your lower lumbar region like in most other high-end massage chairs, you will get warming relief from the tops of your shoulders all the way down to your lower back. The heat is going to loosen your tense back muscles along with the joints for a better massage experience. The sensation created by the heated massage is very similar to hot stone massage.

S-Track Massage Rollers & Body Scanning Technology

Combined with the heat therapy is the S-track back massage rollers which offer you a 31” stroke along your entire back, from the shoulders to your lower lumbar area. The computer body scanning technology included with the EP-MA70 is a recipe for deep relaxation and a wonderful massage experience. The massage rollers glide up your back to map out your body's curves, and get a sense of your height, so the massage chair will provide you with a fully personalized massage.

ACA Approved

This massage chair is exquisite technologically speaking, with its endorsement by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), in recognition of the numerous health benefits of regular massage, and the effects of regular deep-tissue massage can be on the body.

Adjustable Ottoman

We spoke briefly earlier in this article about how the EP-MA70 has the look and feel of a natural recliner chair, that is because of the rotatable ottoman feature. You can simply pull on the lever located at the bottom of the chair and flip it over, hiding the bulky foot massage roller and leg massagers. It will look sensational in the living room and no one will be more gratified than you.

Moving Hand & Arm Massage

Panasonic designers developed a way to get a full arm and hand massage while sitting in the reclined position of the EP-MA70. The armrests move along with the recliner preventing you from having to make an uncomfortable adjustment to your seated position. When you go into a recline, the entire base follows along and you get optimum coverage for the hands and arms in the armrests. Included with the arm and hand massage are little rubble nodules which offer soothing relief when the airbags located on the top of the armrests press your hands and arms into those nodules.

3D Massage Roller Technology

The developers of the EP-MA70 implemented a 3D massage roller system into the back of the massage chair. The technology works where the rollers can come off the S-track protruding from the backrest about 3" to provide an even deeper tissue massage for a stronger and more relaxing experience. If you have any issue with the massage rollers working a very firm massage into your back, you can adjust the intensity of that massage with the easy to use remote.

Exclusive "Junetsu" Technique

Panasonic features an exclusive massage technique called, "Junetsu", where a tight spiral motion starts in your shoulders and works outward penetrating deep into the muscle tissue of your neck, shoulders, and back. It is reinvigorating and a powerful massage technique you will get a lot of use from.

Grasping Massage Technique

Another innovative technique achieved with the EP-MA70 is the Grasping massage. With the use of the 3D massage technology, the massage rollers in the backrest can literally reach out and grab you. The tops of your shoulders will feel like a person is grabbing you and putting you into a perfect position for the start of the massage session.

Foot Massage Technology

The Panasonic EP-MA70 offers a reflexology massage different;y than does the Infinity Iyashi. With the use of airbags that squeeze your feet against reflexology plates located in the soles of the footrest, nodules placed on those plates stimulate the acupressure points in the bottom of your feet. The massage works wonderfully.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Features

Rolling Foot Massagers

The foot massage that is offered with the Infinity Iyashi uses foot massage rollers located at the bottom of the footrest to provide their version of the reflexology massage. The technology also includes the use of airbags pressing your feet into the rollers, so it supplies you with a much stronger massage, concentrating on the acupressure points of your feet, to stimulate and relieve the tension throughout your body.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity Positioning

The Iyashi includes with its high-tech systems the two-stage zero gravity function. You can be rest assured that by reclining in either position you will maximize your massage session because your body weight will be concentrated entirely on the backrest, to allow for a better decompression of your back, and the joints associated with your back and lumbar region. Accompanied with this feature is the body scanning system that allows the massage chair to personalize your massage after mapping out the curves of your back and figuring out what height you are.

Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage Technique

Once the Iyashi has discovered where your shoulders start by figuring out your height, it can provide you with the Accu-Roll Shoulder massage, where the massage chair reads the upper portion of your body, so it can target the upper back, neck, and shoulders better.

Spinal Correction

With the Iyashi's new Spinal Correction feature you can twist and stretch away those aches and pains while loosening up the muscles and joints around your back. It works by combining several aspects of the massage chair's technology, the back roller, hip airbags, and shoulder airbags are specifically used in this function to do the twisting and stretching of your back.

Lumbar Heating System

The Iyashi offers an industry standard in their heat therapy, by providing two heating pads in the lumbar area of the massage chair, so it will help to loosen up tight muscles in your lower back and hips.

L-Track Massage Roller Technology

The Infinity Iyashi uses a magnificent massage roller system in the backrest of their massage chair. This is a huge difference in what the Iyashi can provide and what the Panasonic EP-MA70 can do. The L-track technology allows the massage chair to have one of the longest stroke mechanisms in any massage chair model. The 49" length stroke will work from the tops of your shoulders down as far as your upper thighs. The vigorous massage you will receive in this area allows Infinity to boast that you get 35% better massage coverage than in most other models. The L-track doesn't allow for a 3D massage, but still can work your back very well. The technology of the L-track allows the massage chair to separate your vertebra individually so you get a more personalized and healthy massage experience.

Bluetooth & Entertainment Value

There is no need for a remote with the Iyashi massage chair because it offers you Bluetooth technology to sync up with any of your electronic devices. Download the iOS or Android App on to your smartphone or Tablet and control your entire massage session with your fingertips. If you love to listen to your favorite music while relaxing and receiving a great massage then click on your favorite playlist and listen to the sounds from the Intersound Speaker system implemented into the sides of the massage chair. Imagine yourself just reclined in zero gravity, the tunes playing and the massage session taking place, talk about a lap-of-luxury.

Space-Saving Technology

The best part about the Infinity Iyashi is the space-saving quality that comes with it. You can set this chair up in your room just 6" from your wall or corner and as it reclines, the base of the chair slides forward, so there is no chance of scratching your walls up.

In Conclusion

Whichever massage chair you decide is best suited for your needs, you will receive a quality massage experience. The technology in both of these massage chairs are very different, and the features the Infinity Iyashi and Panasonic EP-MA70 offer are unique, so it just matters what type of massage you are in need of, and what will look best in your home. The space-saving technology of the Iyashi is fantastic while the recliner image with the EP-MA70 is ideal.

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