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How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost?

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost?

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost?

You’re most likely searching for “how much do massage chairs cost” if you’re reading this post. Congratulations! You’ll find exactly what you’re searching for from our team of experts here at MassageChairPlanet. We’re here to help you answer a large variety of questions such as “how much do massage chairs cost?” with our helpful guides and blog posts. Read on to learn more about how much massage chairs cost, and which tier of massage chair you should choose to welcome into your home. Enjoy!

Let’s Explore How Much Massage Chairs Really Cost…

Below are some examples of how much massage chairs really cost, straight from our inventory here at MassageChairPlanet!

Entry-Level Massage Chair Pricing: $1,999 & Under

This level of massage chair is great for those who want to financially ease their way into a massage chair. Yes, this is still an investment when all is said and done, but it still allows you to enjoy the experience of having your very own massage chair within your home for a relatively lower price than some other more expensive models. Below are some of our favorite massage chairs at this price point:



Mid-Level Massage Chair Pricing: $2,000 - $4,999

This level of massage chair is for those who have most likely experienced a massage chair at a friend’s house or tried it out at a showroom, and have decided they're willing to invest a bit more into their massage chair experience. Below are some of our favorite massage chairs at this price point:



High-Value Massage Chair Pricing: $5,000 - $7,999

This level of massage chair has the ability to improve your home, your lifestyle, and help you focus on what matters most in a piece of furniture: comfort and style. Below are some of our favorite chairs at this specific price point:



Top-Tier Massage Chair Pricing: $8,000+

Top-tier massage chairs are for those who want the best, and nothing else. This is for the true ambassador of massage chairs and wants only the best product within their office, their living room, or their place of business for employees and customers alike. Below are some of the best examples of massage chairs at this price point we sell:



Which Massage Chair is Right for You?

Determining the level of massage chair which is right for you requires you to answer the following question: how often are you going to use it? Let’s explore the deeper meaning to this question.

Occasional User of Massage Chairs

If you anticipate being an occasional user of your future massage chair, you may want to test the waters with an entry-to-mid-level massage chair. The massage chair purchase is ultimately only worth it if you actually use it consistently. There’s no point in spending a considerable amount of money on a top-tier massage chair if you only plan on using it a few times every now and then.

Frequent User of Massage Chairs

If you’re a consistent, frequent user of massage chairs; you’ll want to choose a massage chair which falls into the high-value massage chair category. You’re consistently using this massage chair, so why not treat yourself with a higher-tier massage chair? 

Massage Chair Aficionado

If you’ve owned multiple massage chairs in the past, or you’re simply obsessed with having the best of anything you choose to buy; you’ll want to reward yourself with a top-tier massage chair. If nothing but the best satisfies you, you’ll find yourself right at home with some of our premium massage chairs sold right here from MassageChairPlanet.

Get the Financing You Need to Fulfill Your Massage Chair Dreams!

If you're in need of financing options, we have a few to choose from! Check out our various financing options right here and start enjoying the massage chair you've always wanted on a flexible payment plan.

Choose MassageChairPlanet for All of Your Massage Chair Needs!

If you’re in the market for a massage chair, and you’re wondering how much massage chairs cost, you’re at the right place! Feel free to browse our wide selection of massage chairs by pricing category by clicking on the button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we’re eager to welcome you into our world of massage chairs here at MassageChairPlanet!


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