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Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim massage chair offers many of the latest innovations. This chair is loaded with features that you will really appreciate. This chair is full of features that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Massage Roller Track

Many massage chairs will feature only one massage track style. The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim massage chair takes advantage of a new type of massage track that combines the best of both worlds. You get the advantage of the L-track and the S-track. Having both tracks means that the chair is going to massage you from your next to your upper thigh. This can sometimes be too much for some casual users. The great thing about the Maxim is that you can adjust the massage style to suit your needs. If you are using a chair that only has an S-track, you can never make it massage lower than your back, even on the days where you may want it to.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is a great way to improve almost every aspect of your massage. This position reclines you back and raises your legs to the level of your heart so that your joints and spine can relax and decompress. This also helps relax the surrounding muscles so you get a much deeper benefit from your massage session. The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim gives you two stages of zero gravity so you can find the perfect position that suits your preferences.

Body Scanning Technology

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim massage chair scans your entire body to determine exactly how you are positioned in the chair. This guarantees that the massage is going to mold to your body versus massaging to a general shape.

Full Body Airbag Massage

The Maxim’s airbag massage system features fewer airbags that cover the same amount of surface area. This results in a much quieter and more durable chair since there are fewer valves to maintain.

Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze

Airbags in the shoulders, lumbar and hips are designed to work together with the back massage roller to improve your deep tissue massage. The pushing and pulling of the airbags will really loosen up your muscles.


The remote on the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is very reminiscent of a tablet or smart phone. When you are given a remote that is familiar to something that you use in your everyday life, you are much more likely to learn and understand the remote quicker. Osaki has completely embraced that thought process and the result is an extremely easy to use touch screen remote.

LED Chromatherapy Lights

Both sides of the massage chair include LED chromotherapy lights that fill a dimly lit room with a soft blue hue. The blue light is going to encourage relaxation and completely enhance your massage experience. This is only effective in a dimly lit to dark room.

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