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Luraco Receives New World Report's 2020 Award

Luraco Receives New World Report's 2020 Award

Congratulations Luraco!

One of our long-time favorite brands, Luraco Technologies has long shown that they are dedicated to fostering scientific development and innovation. And recently, the achieved well-deserved recognition in the Software & Technology Awards for 2020 as Best Advanced Research Technology Provider.

Established in 2005, this company based in the United States has been devoted to improving the living and working conditions of everyday people through inventive technology and breakthroughs. Through their research and development, they’ve created advanced, quality products for a wide range of sectors including robotic system design, electronic design, and residential, commercial, and government fields.

As we’ve seen here, Luraco has improved on the quality of massage chairs in the market when they saw that what was being imported were of subpar quality. The R&D team at Luraco worked hard to improve massage chair quality by creating their own chairs that were suitable for the American population and made of better materials. Through their hard work, they developed the i7 PLUS massage chair that is now considered one of the best-selling luxury-quality massage chairs in the industry.

Right now, the future of Luraco is definitely looking bright. They are currently in development on the i9 Medical Massage Chair, which will be launching later in 2021. The i9 will showcase brand-new technology that’s never been seen before and, of course, Luraco will still be providing their other models for customers at every level. 

For more information about Luraco and to take a look at the impressive chairs they offer, check out their collection here.

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