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Kahuna LM-7800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Kahuna LM-7800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Kahuna LM-7800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Kahuna LM-7800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Kahuna LM-7800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair


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Kahuna LM-7800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This great chair provides an impressive massage with its 2D massage rollers and zero-gravity technology. Take a look at the features below to see

Product Features


One Piece- No Assembly Required

Unique to Kahuna massage chairs, you don’t get a bunch of boxes of pieces and have to assemble the massage chair. When you order one of these, you get one box, with the massage chair already assembled. All you have to do is take it out of the box and plug it in. No other massage chair brand that we carry has anything like this.


Quad-Style Massage Roller

Four massage heads work together to provide a more human-like massage motion that feels like a human hand massaging your back. This style of massage is able to more accurately mimic a kneading and shiatsu motion that the human hand makes when providing a massage.


L-track Massage System

The L-track massage system allows your massage to reach from high up on the shoulder all the way down to the upper thigh, greatly increasing the surface area of your massage as well as providing additional support in the lumbar, neck and shoulder areas. This also allows the massage roller to separate the individual discs in your spine to allow important nutrients to flow more freely throughout your spine, improving the overall health of your back.


Space Saving Technology

With as little as 3 inches behind the chair, the Kahuna LM-7800 can fully recline into the zero gravity position thanks to its incorporated space saving technology. As the chair reclines back, the base slides forward so that when not in use, your massage chair takes up as little of your important living space as possible.


Dual Foot Massage Rollers

The Kahuna LM-7800 massage chair has included dual foot massage rollers in the footrest of the ottoman. These massage rollers provide a kneading massage to the soles of your feet that delivers much needed relief to an often neglected area. The foot massage rollers can be turned on or off by using the remote.


Computer Body Scanning

No high end massage chair is complete without computer body scanning technology. When you sit back and start your first massage program, the massage rollers will glide up your back, and map your shape, the unique curvature of your spine, as well as the height of your shoulders so it knows exactly where you are in the chair and can adjust the massage accordingly. Without this feature the massage chair would just be guessing, and following a pre-programmed routine, which may or may not massage you the way you like.


Zero Gravity

Zero gravity has been an important addition to the massage chair world ever since its creation by NASA, a couple of decades ago. When you are reclined back and your legs are raised above your heart, your joints and spine can more easily decompress which allows all of the surrounding muscles to more easily relax. This improves the overall sense of relaxation and can induce a weightless feeling in some users. An additional benefit of zero gravity is that it focuses the majority of your body weight on the backrest which in turn improves the penetration of your deep tissue massage. The Kahuna LM-7800 massage chair offers three stages of zero gravity to choose from. This allows you to customize your position as well as your massage.


Full Body Air Compression Massage

Throughout the massage chair are high quality airbags that provide the entire body with a compression massage that is designed to promote blood flow as well as muscle relief in the extremities. 38 airbags placed in the arms, shoulders, hands, hips, legs and feet work together to extend your back massage into a full body experience. Parts of the airbag system even work with the back massage rollers to improve their effect. By grabbing you and pressing you into the backrest of the massage chair, your back massage will reach deeper into those hard to reach muscles, leaving you completely relaxed and revived.


Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy is vital to a truly relaxing massage experience. Heating elements placed in the lower lumbar area of the backrest provide a relaxing heat to the often tight muscles of your lower back. This can help loosen up knots in the lower back that are the main cause of lower back pain and discomfort. Heating pads have been included in the calf and foot area as well to provide a soothing full body heat that helps you melt away stress.


Intuitive LCD Remote

Simple, easy to use, and it makes sense. That is the only way to describe the remote for the Kahuna LM-7800 massage chair. Easily recline into the perfect position for you, and make any fine adjustments you like to your massage experience then lay back and relax as the massage chair does the rest of the work. This remote is designed to get you to the massage program and adjustments you are looking for quickly and easily so you can get back to enjoying your massage.


Automatic Programs

The LM-7800 massage chair is pre-programmed with 4 automatic massage programs. (Labeled simply I, II, III, IV). Each program focuses on a different section of the body, and are ideal for different situations. The first, focuses mostly on the lower body, and helps relax and relieve muscle tension. The second massage program focuses primarily on the upper body, including the neck and head area, this program is a deep tissue, anti-stress massage experience. The third is an odd combination of reflexology massage on the soles of your feet combined with a hip and lower back massage, as well as a neck massage. The final program is the “yoga” program which is designed to provide a Thai stretch massage to your whole body to help relieve those hard to reach muscles beneath the surface.


Massage Techniques

There are four massage techniques that provide four very different styles of massage. These techniques are Shaitsu, Thai, Swedish and Ka-Huna. Ka-huna is unique to kahuna massage chairs, and provides a number of excellent benefits including anti-stress, sleep aid, and relaxation. It is the perfect massage style to use right before bed given the level of relaxation it provides.


Adjustable Leg Rest

Control the extension of the leg rest at the push of a button on the remote. This allows the LM-7800 to accommodate taller users by giving them much more room to stretch their legs and enjoy their massage a bit more. Extending the leg rest in this fashion will keep the airbags in the leg rest massage the correct muscles.



Technical Specifications

Suggested User Height Range
5'2" - 6'3"
Manufacturer Kahuna
Massage Roller Type 3D Made In
Massage Track Length 33" Massage Track S-track
Roller Width Adjustment Yes Roller Glute Massage No
Massage Speed Adjustment Yes Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
Removable Back Pad Yes Body Scan Technology Yes
Foot Rollers
Recline Automatic
Zero Gravity Yes Inversion Therapy No
Auto Programs 4 Stretch Program Yes
Deep Tissue Massage No Manual Programs Yes
Massage Techniques 4 Hideaway Ottoman No
Spot/Partial Massage Yes Memory Setting No
Vibration Yes Heat
Total Airbags 44 Air Bag Intensity Yes
Ottoman Length Adjustment Automatic Upholstery Synthetic Leather
Timer Setting 5-30 Mins Number of Motors 8
Chromotherapy No MP3 Player No
Dimensions (Upright)
Dimensions (Recline)
Massage Chair Weight 234 lbs Shipping Weight 255 lbs

    Warranty Information

    Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Kahuna's warranty is one of the longest in the industry. With the purchase of a Kahuna lm-8800 massage chair you will get their 10 year limited manufacturers warranty, in addition to your FREE 5 year in home service warranty that covers parts and labor for five years.

    5 Year Extended Warranty

    With the 5 year extended warranty package, parts and labor are covered for 5 years with included in-home service. Supplement the manufacturer’s warranty and really protect your investment in your massage chair by ensuring it is covered against breakdown for 5 years. This is easily the best value when it comes to your warranty options.


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    Warranty 10 Yr Limited 3 Yr Limited 3 Yr Limited 3 Yr Limited
    Rec. User Height 5'2" - 6'2" 5'0" - 6'4" 5'2" - 6'3" 5'0" - 6'5"
    Rec Max User Weight 285 lbs 265 lbs 2865 lbs 285 lbs
    Track Type/Length S-Track-32 S-Track - 30" S-Track - 31" L-Track - 47"
    Roller Type  2D 2D 2D 2D
    Zero Gravity 2 Stage 2 Stage Yes Yes
    Heat Lumbar Lumbar Lumbar Lumbar
    Foot Massage Rollers Yes Yes No Yes
    Upholstery Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather
    # of Airbags 44 38 36 38
    # of Auto Programs 4 5 4 6


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